List of top eight countries with nuclear weapon

List of countries with nuclear weapons.

  1. The United States As previously mentioned, the United States is the first country with nuclear capacity. The United Kingdom and Canada built nuclear weapons with the help of the United Kingdom and Canada, fearing that Nazi Germany might develop them first. During the peak of the Cold War, the United States had around 29,000 nuclear weapons. Today, there are about 4,000 through various deals and arms efforts. They are the only people on this list of countries with nuclear weapons.
  2. Russia Russia is the world's largest nuclear attraction. It became the second country to develop nuclear weapons. May They did it in 1949 as the Soviet Union. Its nuclear capabilities are based in part on spies discovered during and after World War II. May It is estimated that by 1986 the Soviet Union had around 40,000 nuclear weapons. Today, as in the United States, their numbers have decreased. However, there are 4,300 more nuclear weapons than any other country. Russia and the United States share approximately 93 percent of all nuclear weapons.
  3. England The UK has proven to be a major player in the Manhattan project by providing preliminary research on the concepts of early atomic bomb concepts. After World War II, the United States became more reserved and Britain needed its own nuclear weapons to defend the Soviet Union and maintain its world power. May In 1952, they launched their first nuclear weapons and became the third-largest nuclear nation in the world. Today there are around 215 nuclear weapons.
  4. France May In 1960, when France attempted "Gerboys Blaise", France became the fourth country with a nuclear weapon. They have been able to do this successfully using their own research. Like England, France wanted Nuk to remain a great power. They also found inspiration in the events in the world around them as diplomatic tension created by the crisis. Today, France has 300 nuclear weapons. That would be enough to put the third general battlefield behind the United States and Russia. However, 300 seems a bit general compared to the top 2. China In 1964,
  5. China became the fifth nuclear nation, testing its first nuclear weapon. They wanted to develop nuclear weapons to defend the United States and the Soviet Union. Today, China has a total of 250 subspecies and is behind France. However, China has publicly pledged not to use nuclear weapons in war unless they are presented with nuclear weapons for the first time. This is known as the "first use" policy. India India Since 1944, he had a nuclear program to guide. However, In 1962, there was a brief confrontation with China that India had made a significant contribution to the development of nuclear weapons, especially in defense of Chinese aggression. India launched its first nuclear weapons program in January. In 1974, he discovered the "peaceful nuclear explosion". However, the test raised concerns that the test could be used by nuclear weapons equipped with nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. India has not released any official statement on the size of its nuclear weapons, but it is believed to have around 110 nuclear weapons.
  6. India is one of four countries without signing a Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, an international treaty that allows them to disarm nuclear weapons and promote weapons. Pakistan May In 1971, the President of Pakistan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, said that if India could build a nuclear weapon, Pakistan would do the same.
  7. Pakistan opened its first nuclear power plant near Karachi, near Karachi, using mainly materials supplied by the West. They will begin to develop their own nuclear weapons on their own and will be able to build their own nuclear weapons. They are believed to have been armed with nuclear weapons since the mid-1980s. Pakistan is estimated to have around 140 military bases. Like India, they are not part of the Nuclear Nursing Convention. North Korea North Korea was originally a signatory to the Nuclear Treaty, but after the United States accused it of having a secret uranium enrichment program. They announced their departure in 2003. The country said it had practical nuclear weapons in 2005, but many were skeptical at the time. They reported on their first successful nuclear experiment in 2006. Most of North Korea, including US intelligence officials. In the US, they believe they have actually tested Nuk, but the evidence indicates that it was only partially successful. North Korea continues to boast of its nuclear power, and while we cannot be sure, it is estimated that it may have 10 or less thermal resistance. Israel It is Israel that has the best nuclear potential before any of the others on this list. The problem is whether Israel has a nuclear arsenal or not.
  8. Israel first launched its nuclear weapons in 2004. It is believed to have been demolished in 1966, making it the sixth-largest on our list. Current estimates range from 80 to 400 Israeli nuclear weapons. Israel is also not a signatory to a nuclear extension agreement. * List of countries with nuclear weapons updated 2020

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