Keep healthy.

If we are healthy then our next generation will also be inspired by us and stay healthy and will give importance to health first. if we will healthy so we can do all the work and our concentration will be more on any work we will more attentive to our focus .we have to take proper diet to remain healthy like green vegetables, pulses, milk, chicken and many more foods related to proteins and calcium. In today's life, all are attracting towards fit people or say healthy person so we have to take care of our health. Everyone wants a long and happy life so we can do it by maintaining our health proper and fit. So a healthy person is an attractive person if we will healthy than we can tell and motive to others to stay healthy. We will always be in first position if we remain healthy. For healthy you have to take 7-8 hour sleep and take all the healthy food and take rest and calms you down in anger, self-control and nowadays everywhere in office or any other places a healthy person is selected you can also be that person by keeping you healthy. A healthy person have a great personality. A healthy person always is chosen as a leader to guide all the people in a good manner. A healthy person lives 10 years longer than a weak person so by making you healthy you can change your society also and you can be inspirational to other people. In all places wherever you will go you will be selected first and in society, you will absolutely get a good image in front of all guys. 

Healthy always remains wealthy




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