About Kamakhya Temple at Thakuran Bari

   There are few historical sites in South West Garo Hills District of Meghalaya. However, the famous one is the Kamakhya Temple near Mankachar Town of Assam. This Temple is located on a hillock about 1 km away from Mir-Jhumla's tomb. Local pilgrim from Ampati, Mahendraganj and from the entire parts of the state comes here to worshipped Devi Kamakhya.

    Travel duration from Mahendraganj to Mankachar is around 1 hour and 15 minutes. Local worshippers always pleased to visit the place. Traveling from  Mahendraganj to Mankachar is connected through more than one route, one is connected via Zikzak, Ampati and another one is connected via Lukaichar, Kalaichar route. The entire route of Lukaichar and Kalaichar is covered by the International Border of Bangladesh in the West. The beauty of these two routes is amazing, both sides surrounded by green jungles and small Hills. The weather of these places are always pleasant throughout the year.

   The Kamakhya Temple located at Thakuranbari, along Assam-Meghalaya border, was built by a great Koch King Narayana. This Temple is small and still unknown, it is an important pilgrimage destination of Hindu devotees and pilgrim from all over India to visit the place during important occasions.

     The Temple is about 45 Km from Tura City of Meghalaya and falls under South West Garo Hills District. People visit the Temple and seek blessings from Goddess Kamakhya.

         Legend has it that amongst the 52 body parts, Devi's naval found at this very site and thus the Temple came into existence. Apart from the deity of Kamakhya Devi the compound also has other temple's namely Durga, Shakti, Hanuman, Shiva, Santoshi and Shani Dev. 

      In order to create awareness for conservation of nature a small park located at the sites of Temple garden to enjoy nature's beauty here. The place is silent and peaceful in true nature. One can see here a large variety of trees and plants. The colors of flowers here are quite pleasant in the green nature. Everyone freely breathed fresh and cool air. The natural scenery is very charming all around. One can feel divine peace and calmness in mind. The place makes anyone feel to be lucky among those who are busy in every wallks of life.

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