Job vs Business

Everyone have this question in their mind, because they are totally confused.If you go for job, after some time you will fell that business is better. Vice versa if you go for business, after some unsuccessful attempts,you will feel that job is better.All depends on your passion & love towards work. If you want to be financially freedom,only choice is business.

If you want to be settled in life, fear to fail, don’t want to take any risks then go for job. It’s upto you what to choose

I am Giving an example , that you can relate both job and business

Job is like traveling a long journey in Train no risk, only you have to sit in your seat,driver will take to you to destination.if you feel hungry,you can’t stop the train and eat, you have to wait for drivers to stop the train where they want.simply you can’t do anything you want.

And  Business is like traveling a long journey with your car,if you don’t have car, then rent a car and go .Here you are the driver but high risk,you have to drive all the way. But one thing , when you fell hungry, you can stop your car and eat. Simply you can do anything you want to do. You can have fun here .have some great memories, can enjoy all the way to destination. For this you have to be skilled as a good car rider, to be fearless,have all the protections like wearing seat belt, then only you can go for this.

I will tell you a story that may help you to decide what to choose.

There were a famous coffee shop infront of a big company. The employee of that company always came to drink coffee in their free time.Once a manager came to drink coffee and jokingly asked to the shopkeeper (Arvind bhai) 

Manager - Arvind bhai,you have a famous shop in this managed your shop so well,everyone knows about your shop in near market . Don’t you think you are wasting your time and talent could be a manager today if you work for this company.

(Arvind bhai thinks about it and said)

Shopkeeper ~ Sir,my work is far better than yours. 10 years ago,when I was selling coffee in a small rental shop, you joined this company.Then my monthly income was 1000rs. and yours was 10000rs.

In between 10years we both work harder to go up. You became manager from supervisor and I became a popular coffee shop of my own from a rental shop.your salary is 50000rs and my monthly income is 200000rs.

I didn’t said ,that ‘ my work is better than yours’ according to monthly income. I said it because of our childrens.

When I started business, I had nothing,I started will low investment in a small rental house but now I m established, I will handover this business to my childrens when they will capable.they don’t need to start from beginning where I started. They don’t need to struggle what I did. They will take this business to next level. I am working for my child.

But in your case you are working for your boss childrens,they will enjoy with your can’t give this job to your childrens, they have to start again from zero, they have to struggle to get a job like you from zero.Tell me who is wasting time, Sir.

After that ,Manager didn’t say anything . Gave 50rs. of one coffee and started to walk. At that moment shopkeeper called him again and said one more thing sir, ‘ i am the boss of mine,no one can order me,I will do whatever I want’.But you have to listen your boss,do whatever boss ordered you.

That’s why my business is far better than your job.

Businessmen are creater, they have the power to change the world, they always introduced us with new technology, actually job are also created by businessmen . They are job creater not job seeker.


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