Learning important dates -Remembering dates of history was the worst part for me. I often use to read it before night, which results in forgetting the years the moment after I write them into my answer sheet after exams. As described by Respected Prof. Barbara Oakley, to remember dates is not the toughest part, and I seriously now believed it because if we relate it with our daily work routine or something memorable for us. It will make our brain to learn it for a long time. I did this experiment on me while learning the dates of my subject, “International Business.” I learned the founded date of WTO organization like two years before I born. And thus, this is helpful

interleaving – Leaving your desk when tired and doing some other task helps. Like that of the example of a Chess player in the book “A Mind for Numbers,” it often results in success. Because it helped my brain is feeling a little bit relaxed and switch into Diffused mode again. Hence I get the real answer and even the more Creative one.

Understanding the strategy – Repeating things leads us to feel that the topic is followed by our brain, which was wrong. And then, as soon as I solve another problem, it gives me headaches and fear, like what happened? And why am I not getting the correct answer? And now, this strategy of learning the concept deeply and its applications are helping me in solving my Data Interpretation more easily and correctly.

Deliberate practice – NOW, this is something that I do differently with my studies, and I don’t know if anyone else did the same ever or not. But it gives me unbelievable results If I have ten chapters in my book. What I do is? I simply open my book and provide precisely 5 minutes to each one of them. In this part, I simply read the upper topics and draw a framework about the chapter in my brain. Then after 50 minutes of doing so, I close my book and try to create a visualizing image in my brain about the sections, including some mind map structure of these chapters. Then again, I open the book and give 10 minutes to every episode, in this time I read the heading and subheading of each section. Then still the diffuse mode. Then I give 30 minutes to each chapter, and simply read the inner paragraphs of lines and again the diffuse way after doing the same with each episode. Finally, doing the same thing, again and again, it makes me confident. And also, I learn the concept instead of just having the overview.

Then I solve some problems and create mind maps and flashcards for my next sessions on the same chapters.

Sleep- While gradually increasing my time intervals for each chapter, I prefer to sleep in between for some time. Because when I woke up, it makes me feel more energetic and increase my interest to learn the chapters. And it also gives me new ideas so that I can determine if for a long time. So with this course, I learned how this sleep factor could help me in getting my topics covered.

Recalling/testing – This course helped me a lot in understanding the difference between remembering and learning.

A. So, as soon as I complete my learning part, I close my book and


     Try to recall the topics and write it down on a paper, so check That what I learned from it. This helps me get more.    


     Comfortable with my tough subjects. Hence, I get out of     


     I am creating an illusion of learning in my head.


B. flashcards – I simply grab up my flashcards and try to recall everything I learned instead of rereading my notes. This results in getting a perfect overview of what topics I need to work much harder from now.

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