Is your Mind actually healthy?

If the mind had a "pliable physical form," how would have you concretized it? I would have put it as "The Mona Lisa Painting," too enigmatic in form yet the best voyage for one unraveling the facts behind.


As a container to abstractions of all kinds, the human mind generates physical responses in a technique that associates covert emotions with overt expressions, say laugh/smile with happy, cry with sad, mad with anger, and so on. Basically, there is a one-to-one connection between inputs stored in the human mind and outputs as physical activity and vice versa. However, the same connection may not be possible in all factors. 



Occasionally, the input in mind may not produce exact output in the concrete world. I would cite here an example of a young mind overloaded with tremendous pressure of career choices, money, inferiority, and studies. This will bother the mind to an extent where he/she will undergo constant stress and anxiety. Simultaneously, at home, he/she may not have an atmosphere that welcomes such anxiety instead would be labeled as "the black sheep of the family." This fear of humiliation would make him/her smile outside, dissembling his/her real emotion. "Smile" as an output in the physical world is a false appearance of input in the abstract world of mind, which rather has "anxiety" stored.



Human Mind (Input) =         Physical Body (Output)
Anxiety                    =          Confused face, pale, tired face, passive body.
 Anxiety                   ≠            Smile

Our physical body is sensitive to pain, and so we visit a doctor. But, what about pain in mind? Don't we feel it? Or we want to ignore it?



The disguised "self" layered with "smile" contradicting the "anxiety" of the mind will gradually cause injury to the mind (It doesn't mean our mind will bleed as it does in a physical wound). This circumstance would match the current popular concern called "mental disorder/ mental illness," where the question of "Mental Health" becomes very significant. 

Basically, speaking anxiety, depression, irritability, fear, and traumas which the mind carries as a load is not the main purpose of the human mind; rather, it has to perform the most capable task of awakening one's own level of consciousness, a consciousness towards "self-upliftment" thereby not focusing on anxiety rather thinking about a solution for it. The solution can come in any form- in the form of a "good friend" whose mind will tell yours to be at ease, or the solution can come in the form of "self" itself.



We have to welcome all emotions that enter the mind and simultaneously try to bring correspondence between those emotions and bodily responses in the physical world. This is the best way one can tackle mental issues. No doubt, the mind filled with anxiety and smile to pretend will partially handle situations for the time being. Still, pretension is more than sufficient to cause colossal pain to one's absurd existence in the long term race.



So, question the self now.

Are you seriously, okay?


Mere pretending to be okay?

If the mind halts somewhere at the 2nd question, ease your mind by advising, "It's so okay, to not to be okay sometimes."

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