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Does bald, dry hair make you sad? Does the change of hair often affect the weather? Do you not know how to maintain the hair in such an environment? Lack of adequate nutrition and lack of moisture are the main reasons for weak, elaborate hair. How much hair care you need to have healthy foods and drink plenty of water is not enough. Hair is healthy only if you apply enough oil and hair packs.

Most women cut their hair without having to deal with a series of hair problems and proper maintenance problems. There is no longer any need to do so. Yes, with the simplest things at home, hair can be transformed into something beautiful and smooth.

Here's how to turn bald, dry, and unhealthy nose into an elegant, sleek look. If done correctly, good-bye to all kinds of hair problems. Come and find out about them right now ...


Hair Pack # 1


required things:

* Eggs

* Yogurt

These two items can increase the visibility of the hair. Take eggs and yogurt as appropriate for the length of the hair. Take one egg if you have hair up to the shoulder, two eggs if your hips are up, and three eggs if your hips are down.


Method used:

* 2 tablespoons of yogurt for one or two eggs. Take two tablespoons of yogurt if needed over two eggs. Take an egg-rich yogurt.

* Only use the egg whites for this hair pack.

* Mix both egg whites and yogurt and mix well for 2 minutes.

* Apply this mixture on your hair only. (Do not apply to the scalp)

* Wash your head with normal water after 1 hour.

* Apply shampoo the next day and bathe.

* For good and best results, use this hair pack twice a month.


The cause of lifeless hair

Lack of moisture is the leading cause of hair dryness and lifelessness. Just like skin, hair needs moisture. Hair cuticles (which are dead cells that help keep the hair healthy and safe) absorb moisture and send it inside. But due to excess contamination, excess dirt accumulated on the head, which is not sanitized correctly, can make the hair dying. Besides, the lack of moisture can cause hair to become dry and problematic. Replacing shampoo and oil alone will not prevent these effects. The health of the hair is improved only when the hair gets the nutrients it needs. Use the hair pack below to see how unhealthy and lifeless hair can turn out to be healthy.


Hair Pack # 2

required things:

* Almond oil - 1/4 cup

* Egg - 1


Method used:

* Take 1/4 cup almond oil and one egg and mix well.

* Apply the mixture to the scalp to the tip of the hair.

* Soak for 40 minutes and then shampoo it.

* It is essential that the shampoo you use is free of sulfate.

* Almond oil can give the hair the moisture it needs. Also, the protein content in the egg prevents hair loss and turns it into a smooth hair.

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