Is education educating us?

Is education really educating us ? everyone wants to be well educated wants to provide for the family but the real question is it education actually educating us according to me No I feel that education is educating us because if that was the case then every educated person will be engaged and doing the right thing but people are engaging themselves and do destructive activities. Even after being well educated people are doing things what does shouldn't do and in today's world education has become a type of business everyone wants to charge the maximum amount of fees the students and hence more than teaching its have become a business to identify who is making more profit. 

So remember that no matter what type of school you're going into whenever you go, you have to do is learn because the only package you get is 'learning'. 

Remember that matter what school you go in what friends you make what type of brand of bag you are carrying what brand shoes you are wearing all you have to do go to school toulon students would be getting right type of education in that school then they won't be questioning on their status pic education is not about giving the higher amount of fees but it is about learning the most you can if one is educated he or she won't be thinking weather Daya Karen a good bag or not they will be more worried the fact of learning or not. 

Remember that giving out more money is not about well educated but at the same time giving away a lot less money and learning a lot more is actually getting educated and yes having right type of values angle change yourself and right type of activities is what a well educated person does showing other below than yourself is a mark off uneducated person. So always treating everyone with the same respect is what we have to learn to be called a well educated person. 

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