Invester's Steps should be in Sharemarket

Hello Everyone,

                 There are many young people want to invest in the share market. Day by day increasing awareness and importance of the investment in the Share market. Many young boys are even don't know what is an investment? how to do? what to do? So I am trying to write about it!

Sometimes new investors are don't know how to do the work here and that's why sometimes they stuck in the loss. My friends learn about all the things how the sharemarket works after that you should start investing.there are two types of things first ' Daily Trading'(Intraday) And 'Shares holding' but you should avoid the day trading in your first some days Due to High-Risk .you should learn to invest. Trading and Investing are different things. warren buffet said, "Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago." First, start investing a small amount and try to learn during that process.

Everyone has financial goals. you want to buy a house, buy a car, go on a vacation, save for your children's education, start a business, save for your retirement might crash closer to your goal halving your investment value or inflation might eat away your investments in the long term. having a direction helps you focus better and optimize is true for investing and life.

Everyone needs to understand all the studies about share markets like charts, technical analysis, company's fundamentals, products, target marketing, company's goal, vision, etc.

There are many successful as well as failure stories because of studies. I am not saying anyway the sharemarket platform is not good. it's better than other investment platforms but before investing you should know. There are many sources to gain knowledge. First set your goal about the sharemarket why you want to invest then invest with confidence and courage.

So before investing sharemarket learn all the things that you will become a successful person ever and you would be proud of yourself.


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