Indian fast bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar in critical condition

The condition of Indian fast bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar has become critical.  He himself does not know when he will return to competitive cricket as it is yet to be decided whether surgery is needed to treat his sports.

 Bhubaneswar of Meerut, who has played 21 Tests, 114 ODIs and 43 T20s for India, was asked if the players were afraid of going to NCA, he said, "It is a personal wish of any player whether he wants to go to NCA or not."  On his recovery process, Bhubaneswar said that he is waiting to meet the doctor, after which the need for surgery will be clearly known.

 Bhubaneswar said, "There is no definitive decision regarding the surgery but in the case of sports hernia, surgery is usually done."  But despite this, will have to see a doctor.  I do not know what will happen after this but we are trying to get it treated as soon as possible.

 The veteran fast bowler does not want to hold the National Cricket Academy (NCA) responsible for the alleged lapses in its rehabilitation.  However, he is surprised as to why his hernia was not detected earlier.

 Bhubaneswar said in an interview, World T20 still has 9 months.  I'm not thinking about it.  First of all I have to be fit and I don't know when I will be fit.  On the role of NCA, the 29-year-old fast bowler said, it depends on BCCI how they take it.  They should talk to NCA.

 "NCA must have tried its best but I don't know what went wrong and why they couldn't figure it out," he said.  Yet I am not the right person to comment on this, as I might say something else and the BCCI came to some other conclusion.

 He said, until I consult a doctor, I cannot tell when to return as it will depend on the treatment.  Bhuvneshwar, who was ruled out due to a hamstring strain after the West Indies tour, returned to the T20 series this month against the same team but was again injured.

 Bhubaneswar was asked if there was a direct fight between him and another injured fast bowler Deepak Chahar (Stress Fracture) to make a place in the T20 World Cup squad to be held in Australia, he said, "When I get fit it will be on display."  Will depend  So I am not thinking about who exists.  Selection is not in my hands nor is it my job.  My job is to perform and I will do so.

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