India - The Land of Six Seasons

India is the land of versatile season. The six-season (Ritu) occurs with full of glory and intensity. The six-season of India are mainly-

◾Spring Season - Vasanta Ritu 

◾ Summa Season - Grishma Ritu

◾ Monsoon Season - Varsha Ritu

◾ Autumn Season - Sharat Ritu

◾ Late Autumn - Hemanta Ritu

◾ Winter Season - Shit Ritu

🔵 Spring Season (Vasanta Ritu)

Spring is the season of 'rebirth' and 'rejuvenation' After the intense cold of winter, Spring comes to our rescue. The buds of the flowers start peeping. The sweet pleasant song of the cuckoo is another beautiful attraction of this season. New fruits and flowers grow all around, We see fresh green leaves, grass, new trees, it seems as if that nature is showing its beauty all at a time. Spring is dominant mainly in march.


🔵 Summa Season (Grisma Ritu)

This is the dominant time of the sun to scorch in all its fury. The length of the day increases and night shortens. The sky becomes clearer as there no clouds to give shade and the sun shines bright. We get a lot of variety of delicious fruits and vegetables this season. The most attractive feature of this season 'Mangoes' the king of Fruits. On the other side, it becomes too irritating due to the irresistible heat but this season is very important for the farmers as they prepare their land for cultivation.

🔵 Monsoon Season (Vasanta Ritu)

Followed by summer, monsoon arrives. Monsoon showers come to rescue after the furious and scorching heat of summer. The air becomes cool. And the feel refreshed. Precipitation in the form of rainfall, drizzle, and hail occurs. Apart from the relief, it is also very significant in another zone, i. e., agriculture of our country is mainly dependant on the rainfall of Monsoon. The rainwater produces the sufficient quantity of water that agricultural fields require, the groundwater is replenished, the water bodies such as ponds, wells, lakes, reservoirs get filled with the rainwater. Without the rainfall of this season, we would suffer water crisis in ample amount and the lands would turn in barren deserts.

🔵 Autumn Season (Sharat Ritu)

This is also known as the fall season because this is the time when the leaves fall of the trees. The color of nature this time seems amazing. This season lasts usually between the months of September and October. The days and nights are almost of the same length at this time. Nature seems to be very pure, clean, and beautiful at this time. The monsoon clouds move away leaving a clear beautiful sky with stars twinkling at night and the soothing moonlight touching the earth. The ponds, lakes, and rivers at this time become very clean and fresh. There is no mud, dust, or dirt anywhere. And the light floating clouds seem so beautiful in the blue sky. This season brings festivals like Durga Puja, Navratri along with fun and excitement.

🔵 Late Autumn Season (Hemanta Ritu)

Autumn is followed by Late Autumn, Hemanta. This is the season of dews (Shishir) as the dewdrops fall on leaves, flowers, fruits, trees, and on all open surfaces. It's neither hot nor cold at this time. During this season the land is at its best condition. The farmers are filled with boundless joys and happiness during this time as they fill their granaries with the harvested crops with an infused dream of a prosperous life ahead. The biggest festival of this season, "Nabanna Utsab", the festival of harvest is celebrated all over the country. This festival is celebrated with different homemade sweets and sweet dishes such as Pitha, Payesh, and many more. Other festivals such as Jagadhtri Puja Kali Puja, Diwali, Bhai Fonta, Ras Mela are also celebrated.

🔵 Winter Season (Shit Ritu)

It is the coldest season of the year. The nights are dewy and mornings foggy. Cold and chilling winds blow everywhere. This is the time mainly for vacations, picnics, and spicy foods. People desire for a little sunshine and warmth as the atmosphere chills down the spine. 

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