India’s Top 10 PUBG Mobile Players.



Scout is well known for his great advocacy and reflection. Now he is playing for the Orange Rock. This player has proven himself in many ways.


Ted has ranked ninth for consistent performances in official and other tournaments in recent months. He is one of the few players with the most experience. Hopefully, his experience and playing skills will lead to victory.


GiLL is in the eighth and Arshpreet Singh, whom we know as GILL. His PMPL's performance was remarkable. It was instrumental in GODL's participation in the World League. Now he, Scout, Mavi, Daljit will play for OR.


Vexed, a new star named emerged on PUBG Mobile. In the meantime, he has captivated the world with his skills. A key member of the Megastars roster who is ready to show his skills in the World Cup. He is ranked seventh for his talent.


ClutchGod is the most talked-about the name since the 2018 PUBG Mobile India Tour. First Revenge, Soul, and now TSM Entity, he has shown his skills everywhere. He is very famous for his aggressive manner. He ranked sixth for his unparalleled skills.


Today, everyone associated with Owais who's known for his gameplay. His long experience and traditional history made him popular. Today he is a Fnatic player. He is not only a player but also IGL. His impeccable skills put him in fifth place.


Service is not a very popular name, but he has to be ranked fourth for his impossible skills. His consistent performance and skill have seen everyone. He has a bright future ahead.


IN PUBG Mobile, a very popular name Mavi. He has captivated the whole world with his skillful gameplay. According to most players in India, Mavi is the best IGL. This player is currently playing for OR. Today this player is behind the name of ORANGE ROCK. He is a good fragger all the time. He always wanted to go ahead with his team, and for that, he gave his all. Impossibly talented this player knows how to use the right things at the right time


ZGOD is known for its highly destructive game. This TSM player has proven himself in many ways.PMPL has done well in South Asia and PMIS 2020. He is able to carry his team alone. He carries his team alone when his team members die in the beginning. His team is heavily dependent on him. A bright future awaits this talented player


When it comes to the best PUBG Mobile players in India, just a name Jonathan is enough. His extraordinary gameplay has been seen not only in India but also in the world. Outstanding reflection and aim made him the best player in India. He had been the top fragger in PMIS 2020 finals and the PMPL South Asia League Stage, and he had been the top second-highest fragger in PMPL South Asia finals. There is no limit to the number of clutches he had done. His Sixteen kills will be unforgettable on the second day of the PMIS semifinals. TSM Ent, This player is the biggest assaulter in India today. His gunfights put him at the top. He played a very important role in his team's victory.

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