In love’s service

It is said. "In love's service only broken hearts will do". We come across many people who after being faced with a great tragedy.. became very compassionate. I saw them turn a tragedy into a personal triumph. People are very much inspired by their humour and their delightful way of looking life. But when we look beyond the wit and optimism we see them, totally different. They all had gone across some very bad phase of their life. They all had grown out of some tragedy, may be some death, or illness. I was also indifferent to the pain, ad forelornness of losing some dear one until I lost my brother after a long battling from cancer. I could easily cross the funeral ceremony with out any sort of tensions, but now it has become too difficult for me and it really took at least one hour to get me become a normal person again. I used to get rid of all sorts of charity donation by simply refusing to them at their face, but I could not do it now. Previously, it seems as if the whole world is trying to cheat me, they are trying to make a fool of me. But now, I think of all the possibilities of truthness too. I try to help, who are in need. My meagre money can hardly matter to the charity institute, but I wanted to do my bit. The tragedy in one's life gives you a lesson. Either it destroy you or it helps you to become a wonderful person. The tragedy gives a delightful and an optimistic attitude towards life, when you turn them into a personal triumph from a personal loss. And believe me, the most difficult thing is to admit the tragedy, to accept it. You ought to, because it is something in your life over which you had no control, and God's plan for us, as we all know, is more than we can fathom. It 's part of the pattern of life --life and death. "Having once admitted and accepted the deep, deep pain of the wound, then you begin to realise that you have expanded your own capability of loving and caring for others. Until you are hurt, you can never truly understand the hurt of others. Until you have failed, you can not truly achieve success. "Not everybody may be called to start a crusade, but everybody can reflect love and caring. Every person's life touches some other life that needs love today. I agree. "In love's service only broken hearts will do". We can see many examples, how a tragedy changed them to a different person to what they were before. People facing tragedy suddenly change their whole perspective and some of the things they had thought were so precious don't seem to mean much anymore. Their value system changes. And believe me, when your value system changes, Your heart changes. Your Life and your relationships change. Family becomes more important --husband, wife, parents, children. Relationships become more precious, and life itself more important than any day-to-day occupation or any material possession. When your values changes, Your life changes. And that's why the people that mourn are really comforted. Life may be all comic nonsense and absence of pattern, and death or loss makesno sense at all. Moreover death is the finalnote of existence. Thus choosing to live despite daily tragedy, personal or impersonal, is an adventurous work and we should choose to live as happily as we can,since suffering is sure to present itself regularly. Lastly, if life is just a “once around” proposition, living it to the fullest and not dwelling on our own suffering are a better use of our short existences.

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