What is the Importance of life in pandemic condition?

Did you observe the importance of life in pandemic conditions?

Life was going very smoothly. When we came home from work happily, it was great to go and sit in a group of friends who enjoy the group does the parties in the group. We people could go from one place to another place freely without taking the permission of anyone. In addition to this, we belong to Indian culture which is famous in the world.

In Indian culture, you see the feel of Unity and integration. We all Indians from several regions and religions but we still stay together and move to grow together.

When there was a festival in such a culture we just enjoy it and we were going to one village to another village just to celebrate the festival without anyone's permission just like a flock of birds.

We used to go where we wanted to go every Sunday, play any game, watch the movies in multiplex with friends. In our India houses are adjacent to each other so we were comfortable going to each other's house. Also, there are no restrictions to prepare to the bond of every neighbor we always treat all the neighbor like uncle and aunty. 

Then suddenly a virus called corona came and forced us to change our lives. There are so many consequences today nothing will be the same as before.

Now it has become dangerous to go from one place to another place in a free way. In everyone's life before corona, we were talking to strangers but as acquaintances, we share our experience with strangers like an I am the brother of him or her, but now even if we see acquaintances we turn our backs and assume as they are strangers.

Before all the required amount of oxygen enter in our body without any restrictions give the healthy life but nowadays some amount restrict by mask but today it's very important to wear a mask. Nowadays we take a lot of permission to move from one village to another village just because of a virus.

Today we need to avoid the group of friends where you can enjoy and share your good experience, share your sorrows. In addition to this, we have started to maintain a social distance. This is all because of one virus.

We human famous for our talent but still in the pandemic situation we just wait for medicine. Yes not only did the virus control humans but it also achieved some positive things.

Such as because of lockdown there is a decrease in pollution all over the world. It helps to restore nature. The polluted river suddenly began to flow with pure water. Animals who were always afraid of human beings began to roam freely with joy. Virus taught us that nature is also important when you consider economic facts.

Hopefully, soon corona will leave social life but lesson it taught in life will always be remembered to us. Also, corona taught human limitations and from onward we consider this limitation for every work of life.

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Kalpesh varade - Jun 4, 2020, 10:20 PM - Add Reply


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Shah - May 30, 2020, 1:49 PM - Add Reply

How to submit the. Article without attached files plz guide me.

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Kalpesh varade - Jun 4, 2020, 10:20 PM - Add Reply

I think no option for this. You need to attached file or any image regarding the content

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Kalpesh varade - Jun 4, 2020, 10:18 PM - Add Reply

Thank you

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