Importance of English & Arabic Today

How important it is to learn English and Arabic to make a living today!

How difficult it is for people who do not know English to explain their points of view to family, friends, relatives, loved ones & others, to express their feelings towards them!

And for those who know English reading, writing & speaking, It becomes effortless to present their opinion.

If I had no connection with English or Arabic languages at all, I would never have come to the truth of why Islam forbids alcohol strictly!

When I read different English articles about alcohol, I came to know how much damage it does. Such as:

  1. Destruction of mental and physical health.
  2. Also, it destroys the spiritual relationship with the almighty.

What are the effects on mental health?

  1. Destroys consciousness
  2. Ruins the family and kinship
  3. Self-esteem
  4. Quarrels with others without any reason
  5. Abuse people for no reason

And many more we don't know how much we are there.

What are the physical harms due to alcohol for humans and humanity?

  1. Heart diseases, cancers, Kidney failure, and many more diseases
  2. Physical weakness
  3. Waste of time
  4. And we don't know when it's going to kill us.
  5. Fighting with one's own and others and then losing own life.

By disobeying God, destroying life, and the hereafter. Anyway, these are the disadvantages of Alcohol by reading the English articles, and now we can prove why Islam forbids Alcohol. This is just an example of learning both languages and their benefits.

If we want to know those things related to life, we have to learn both English and Arabic languages.

If this question is asked to the students of Islamic School, "Tell me why masturbation is forbidden in Islam?"

While it gives man mental comforts and his desires are natural feelings. And Islam says, "Islam is the name of complete nature" then why it is forbidden? What will be the answer?

And I am asking this question to everyone who is reading this article.

And it's not just that there are these two things only that emphasize learning, reading, and speaking different languages. There are so many things in our minds that we know, but we can't express ourselves well and become a victim of embarrassment and inferiority complex. Our conscience is always in our own hands. Until we don't explain our thoughts in a better way like a professional, people consider us uneducated and ignorant. This is why I am trying to say that we should encourage our relatives to provide education to our children in both Arabic and English languages so that our children will not have to face the same problems we have been meeting and express their thoughts with no fear.

We should provide education in every language possible to our children even if it is not giving our children Islamic culture because secular knowledge is also the most important for us. We should never make training tied up with any particular religion; education is the basic need of humans, and we all should have it. So please, never step back to make your children have the knowledge and be a human who can express their thoughts to the whole world, not just to his people.

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