If the girl has a crush on you, then read this article

You will often hear from people that he had a crush on his teacher as a child. He loved to see and talk to his favorite teacher. Similarly, some people are crazy about actors or actresses. He gets to see the show first as soon as his movie is released. Likewise, girls also have a crush on boys, but due to hesitation, they are unable to speak their hearts. Sometimes boys also get confused about whether the girl has a real crush on them or not. But don't worry and pay attention to some things. Here we will tell you some such ways, through which you will get to know its feel.

1.Wants to be a little closer

If a girl has a special feeling for a boy, then she wants to be close to him every moment. So she will try to meet or talk to you. Also, I will always look for such an opportunity so that he can come close to you. Many times girls are unable to express their feelings by saying it. So she would like the boy to understand his feelings on his own. So whenever she is with you, she will do some activity that you notice them.

2. Use more emojis

Ever since social media has opened up on people, since then, the heart has also started talking through emojis. If a girl uses more emoji while chatting with you or chatting on other social handles, then understand that you are special for her. Most people use emoji only for special friends or special people. When talking to common people or family members, they directly say their point. He does not pay much attention to decorating.

3. Try to pull attention

If a girl likes you, she will definitely try to get your attention. Especially if you are busy or surrounded by people at a party, then she will do something to get your attention so that you see them. Many times she will express her excitement by shouting or she will suddenly start dancing or singing at the party. Also, she will also ask you to participate in these activities. From these things you can understand that she makes a special feel for you.

4.Focus on eye contact

If a girl likes a boy, she talks to him eye to eye. This gives a feeling of belonging. Communication is also better than this. You must have seen how in a Bollywood movie, love is expressed in the eyes. Something similar happens even when there are feelings in the mind for a crush. If you also feel that a girl tries to show you her eyes repeatedly, then understand that she thinks about you.

5. Pay extra attention

Many times friends or colleagues go out for a party or party. In such a situation, many people live together and talk, but if someone has a crush on you, then he will focus more on you than others. The girl will also interact with other friends but will give you more attention. You will laugh openly even on small matters. Also, to keep you engaged, you will also reply to your talk.

6.Overprotective and caring

You must have seen that the mother in the house takes care of your small things. This is because she cares more for you. This is also the way to know the feelings hidden in the crush's mind. You see if a girl pampers you more, takes care of your food or other needs then understands that she feels something special for you. Apart from this, if you are unhappy, then his mood will also deteriorate. On the other hand, if you are happy then he will like you better. Because she would always like to see you smile.

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