How to weight lose

The world growing  rapidly  inthe growing world we are,Plending our body  when you see your stomch fat appears when you now that your weight has cresed,

So when you think about how to reduce the weight it is  theans were to the question  it is only that we should have a timely habits  in daily life  we will lose only weight some these habits are blow  to go for a ride inthe open,air cycle ,2... exercise  in open,air 3....make sure that you have breakfast  or take a some.juice  in the monring  (exampleare the vegetables  upama,and apple juice)4....lunch time at  vegetables  needs,in your lunch (example  blew cocktail and chapatiWith rise)5.....Drink some fifteen  minutes  of curd meal,and,drink it .6......most importance  is sleeping  evening fast food time in,eat also palpulin salad , or soup (only,one,choice )8.....  Night  time is only for chpati and bhaji .

If the meanu of this diet is included in diet the weight  loss  during the month will be graduly reduced. Now you may   think that diet menu  in any  other google key ,but I,have not  created  I have colllected and analyzed the informashion and made  change  in,everyday life only to help me  lose  weight from article   now these article  is being  considered  by  agroup of, people we do not want to,make,a change  in this artiels  but I can reduce  the weight  of this work forse especially  for this diet plan  employers are quick to reach  the  office  early in the office. For this diet plan will definitely be benefical this  system  should run in the early hour if possible  if you have a bicycles  then cycling  should be done.

the people eat breakfast when ever they go to office ,these people do not eat samosa in break fast  just take a glass of juice or milk (your choice ) Leaving office befor departure eat same five to six almonds in the bag  and eat while having breakfast   lunch  shuold be incloued in chapati shimla mirch bhaji in lunch break if you have any hungry in the afternoon  not eat chips  eat then fruit or drink green tean,night should  eat lightly for a meal,and do not incloued rice only be chapati and pulse rich  vegetables.this dieat should be in the food so you will see it  within a month now let us look at the  day of week  come.

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