How To Use Passive Earning Browser to View PTC Ads and Earn

The essence and features of earnings on websites that offers paid to view ads features are what I want to talk about on this article. Basically, my focus will be on how to earn passively by viewing paid to view ads on websites. But I will have to first establish what passive earning is about and the possibility of earnings on websites that offers paid to view ads. With this done, we shall begin to knead the idea and facts that gave birth to this article.

Do not confuse earnings from viewing ads with passive income: these are fundamentally different concepts. In the context of the current article, “passive” means that you do not need any permanent actions on your part to make money. Often, passive income thrives on auto drive. But unfortunately, no paid to view ads websites offers passive earning features, thus, you must be consciously active to earn on them. But technology keeps looking out for ways to make life even easier and juicing, so, can it be tweaked to passive income?

P.S. Some manipulations still have to be done, but in general, this type of earnings does not imply direct participation or full employment.


▶Passive Earnings on Viewing Ads on Browser?

Earning from viewing ads is in many ways similar to earning from clicks (in “mailers”, boxes or CPA-exchanges). All the same penny payment — it doesn't pay high, but you can get some reasonable pocket money if you put in some little time. That is the reason I concluded that viewing ads to earn income is not regarded as passive income become it is an income that requires conscious active involvement.

Brave Browser promotional image

It is rare or even impossible to earn income viewing ads on websites without your conscious active involvement, which therefore means that it is not a passive income generation formula. But technology and innovation never rests on its oars as it continually strives to look out for ways to making life even easier and juicing. Thus, a passive income generation for viewing ads on websites have emerged. For instance, the new Brave browser

Here, in order to replenish your wallet in the amount of 0.001 to 0.002 USD, you do not have to click, just go to the site, wait a minute until the advertiser's site can be closed. No, you will receive the same money, but for this, you practically will not need to do anything.

To quickly grasp the course of the matter, it forms our next discuss below in the article:

▶What Do You Have to Do?

All you have to do is watch the ads that will be displayed in your browser. In fact, you don't even have to look at the ads — no one will follow the direction of your gaze. In general, and completely enough for the advertising message to simply “spin” on the monitor screen. In the previous paragraph (and in the title of the article as well), we noted “passively!” And there is no cheating.

▶How to Make Money by Watching Ads?

The first thing that needs to be done is to register on one of the services (p.s. below in this article we will provide a list of sites). Next — install in the browser that you use to “surf” the Internet (visit sites), the extension. After installing it, you will be shown advertising messages (banners) at the top of the browser window or a pop-up window at the bottom in the corner. For each “show” of advertising, you will be credited with money to the balance in the system. This money can be withdrawn at any time in a way convenient for you (electronic money, mobile top-up, etc.).

The Principle of Making Money by Viewing Ads in a Browser


Passively! The most important feature and the most significant advantage of making money by watching ads. Time spent: 10-20 minutes for registration, getting to know the service, installing the extension. Subsequently, money is made with minimal participation.


Small amounts of earnings. In fact — just below $0.01 (below 1 cent). Therefore, this method is likely to be acceptable only to schoolchildren in order to receive at their disposal a little money for “pocket money”. However, regularly!

And this is nothing other than another advantage of the way of earning money we are considering.

Annoying ads — And without that, every day it persecutes each of us everywhere, especially on the Internet. Here, there will be more advertising in your life. On the other hand, if before you looked at it for free, now you will be paid money for it. And this very much can cause you not to reject them, whilst the irritation it usually arouses disappears and is replaced with moral pleasure. And this is the second unexpected “plus” in the subsection on disadvantages.


▶How Much Can You Earn?

Perhaps this is the first question that the reader of this article would like to hear an answer to. We have very specific figures on this score. The level of payment in all services that provide the opportunity to earn money by watching ads is practically at the same level.

Viewing — 0.00013 USD.

Timer View
5 seconds — 0.000019

seconds — 0.00002 USD
30 seconds — 0.00032 USD.

Going to the advertiser's website — 0.00045-0.00055 USD.

Advertiser site visits (with timer)
5 seconds — 0.00032 USD
15 seconds — 0.00046 USD
30 seconds — 0.00054 USD.

Video viewing is estimated at an average of 0.000065 USD in 1 second.

What kind of daily earnings will be obtained in fact (in practice) — we will not invent anything, let alone deceive you — we have not the slightest idea. But! In the very near future, we will definitely find out this moment and, next, add information to the article.

▶Earning Instructions

We will not describe separately how to make money with each of the services we offer — they all have the same operating principle.


We will post links to registration in a particular service just below in the article. Most sites offer to register/log in using social media accounts (in addition to the classic registration via email/password) — this is quite convenient.


Immediately after registration and authorization, fill out the profile (personal data: indicate the year of birth, city of residence, interests, etc.). First, some services require it to be mandatory.


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