How to Use Broadcast Messages in WhatsApp Business for Effectual & Time-Saving Process?

Have you imagined how difficult it could be for a business to inform each customer individually about a new product or offer? WhatsApp Broadcast messages take care of this need of businesses, helping them save time and effort. 

Businesses can use this feature to inform customers about promotions, product launches, etc. The broadcasting feature available on WhatsApp Business API. It is suitable for large business, allowing them to connect with customers. 

Here are some tips to use broadcast messages effectively on WhatsApp:

Choose an Outreach Solution

WhatsApp API offers a high level of functionality that allows businesses to send large volumes of messages, personalize messages to fit the audiences, and access your account on multiple devices. However, the API doesn't have a user interface and needs an outreach solution to serve as a front end. WhatsApp CRM is one such outreach solution that can be integrated with the WhatsApp API. 

Create a Broadcast List

Based on different criteria, you can segment contacts and create multiple broadcast lists. Segmenting users helps send more targeted messages to drive conversion and engagement. You can segment contacts based on location, interests, purchase history, or other relevant criteria. It is easy to create a broadcast list using labels that you assign to your customers based on different criteria. A label is a name that is assigned to a group of contacts on WhatsApp CRM.

Build a Contact List of Users

To increase the reach and effectiveness of your broadcast messages. You need to build a contact list of users. You can collect contacts by website opt-ins, sign-ups, and sharing your WhatsApp business number. There are different means to build a contact list of users who have opted in to receive messages from your account.

Create Engaging Content for Broadcast Messages

It is important to have engaging and valuable content for your broadcast message. To create engaging content using relevant information. You can include promotions, upcoming events, or product updates.

Use API Templates

You can use WhatsApp Business API templates for your broadcast messages. These templates are pre-approved message formats. Using API templates also helps you ensure compliance with WhatsApp policies.

Personalized Broadcast Messages

Sending a generic broadcast message will be easily ignored by the user. That's where personalization can be a handy option that can help you increase the engagement level. This can include using the recipient's name or relevant information in your broadcast message.

Pick Date & Time

Scheduling messages can help you reach your target audience when at the right time, this increases the likelihood of engagement. With integration of CRM, WhatsApp business API allows you to schedule broadcast messages. You can set a specific date and time for your broadcast message to create a better impact.

Test your Message

Testing your messages before sending your entire broadcast list can help you detect possible errors such as formatting issues. To test your broadcast messages, send test messages to a smaller group.

Monitor the Responses

Monitoring the responses will help determine the effectiveness of your campaign and make necessary adjustments. You can monitor different metrics such as message open rates, click-through rates, etc. Monitoring these metrics helps refine your strategy.

Stick to Your Objective

To make sure that your message creates an impact on the user, keep it short, clear, and concise. Using long sentences and paragraphs will only confuse your users. And they are likely to ignore such text-heavy messages. Focus on one objective to make an impact on your customer.

Format Your Messages Carefully

It is extremely important to make messages appealing to the users. Use different formatting features to make the text clear and attractive. This can also help you emphasize important information. Instead of using plain text, you can use formatting features such as bold, italics, etc.

Include Visual Content

WhatsApp is a multimedia-rich messaging platform that allows the use of images, GIFs, and Videos. Visual media can create instant connections with users. You can include a product image, promotional offer, or other details in the image format for your marketing campaign.

Make Your Broadcast Message Actionable

The actionable broadcast messages encourage users to take specific action and help you achieve your goals. This includes using a compelling subject line, providing a straightforward call to action, and using links. Actionable messages also help increase engagement and build a stronger relationship with users.

Enable Real-time Engagement

WhatsApp is a real-time communication tool, and you can leverage this feature in your broadcast messages as well. How quickly you respond to a query can define the success of your campaign. With instant responses, you can engage customers and encourage them to take the desired action.


Using broadcast messages on WhatsApp, CRM has many benefits for businesses. However, it is crucial to keep certain things in mind to leverage the maximum benefits of this useful feature for your business. By following the aforementioned tips, you can benefit from using broadcast messages on WhatsApp. For such requirments Kommo can help and guide you in the right direction to make the most of WhatsApp CRM for business.

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