How To Treat Sexual Anxiety When You Are About To Hit The Bed

Are you feeling a little anxious about your sexual performance

In the bedroom? don't worry, today I'm going to share with you 5 powerful tips that will show you exactly how to treat performance anxiety effectively.

Performance anxiety

Is one of those things that affects both men and women and performance anxiety typically happens for two reasons.

Number one, there's usually an expectation to have to perform really well and Number two a fear of failure that if you fail to perform well, your partner is going to judge you for it.

#1. Avoid dwelling on your sexual failures

I say sexual failures in quotes ♥because it's very normal to have feel sexual attempts from time to time. You see when you dwell on past failures you tend to carry over that anxiety to future sexual attempts and that can cause both erectile difficulty and erectile failure. So, stop focusing on a negative outcome that may happen and instead become more present, become more mindful.

While having sex, learn to breathe you know when your mind is provoked by anxiety it becomes much harder for you to become sexually aroused. That's why it's always better to become relaxed and enjoy the moment whenever you are having sex and whenever you're not having sex make sure you discuss your anxiety openly with your partner. And tell them exactly how and why you feel that way and try to identify the cause. And that's going to put you in a position to find a solution together

#2. Focus on your senses

Learn to pay attention to your body. Pay special attention to how it feels to be touched. Rest, and slow things down. Always remember the next time you have sex focus on closing your eyes and don't analyze the event. Instead, pay attention to the sounds, the smells, the touch and even the tastes, set the mood of the room by using scented candles or playing romantic music to add to the sensory experience. Put together a small romantic jazz music track for you and play that, the next time you have dinner or when you make love.  Experience it.

#3. Improve the connection that you have with your partner

Always look to improve the quality of your relationship. Try to create an environment for open discussion. This not only allows you to openly share your likes and dislikes, but it also allows you to reveal your fears insecurities and feelings. Remember whenever you look to improve your relationship outside the bedroom, you inadvertently improve your sexual relationship in the process. Spend some t-time together. Every now and then cuddle and get close for some time. You can even share some chocolate or wine to spice things up. All of this adds to reducing performance anxiety in the long run.

#4. Improve your sexual confidence

This involves improving three primary things. The first one is, of course improving your sexual techniques. Number two, learning and understanding your partner's likes and dislikes as well as the needs. And number three, improving your physical appearance. You can improve your sexual techniques by learning, reading books, taking workshops, watching videos, and even working with a sex therapist. You can take some time out every week to talk about sex. So that you can discuss your needs, openly understand and explore what you like and dislike and then apply those skills to the bedroom. And lastly, hit the gym and go out and exercise every now and then. So that not only will you look good but you'll feel good as well. And that is going to keep performance anxiety to the curb and boost your sexual confidence.

#5. See a doctor or a sex therapist

Even after all of these steps, if you do not see a change or any results, I suggest you speak to a specialist about your stress and anxiety levels. Because you really need it if your symptoms are getting worse. Then it's important to examine the underlying cause that could be complicating your sexual dysfunction. So make a proactive effort to encourage more positive sexual experiences. Take all these action, steps, reduce the stress in your life by meditating. Exercising and learning all of the things needed to improve your sexual experience and boost that sexual confidence to ultimately take away all of that performance anxiety from you forever. If you are looking to own a training program that takes you step by teaches you real-world communication skills that not only boost your sexual confidence but also help you deal with and avoid performance anxiety in future then make sure you check out the verbal love portion training system.

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