How to take care of your skin during summer season?

Summer is on its way. During this season most of skin problems arises. Some got darkness, rashes, and blemishes due to heat. Here are some important things you can do with your skin.




Very important thing is to keep yourself hydrated. It doesn’t matter how good your skincare routine and your skincare products are. Because water is the key that keeps your body functions well. Take plenty of water every day. If you don't remember to take it, you can set an alarm for every two hours. You can also add some flavors in your water.



2.Lemon Juice

Drink lemon juice which is anti-oxidant and it keeps you energetic throughout your hectic schedule.



3.Veggies and Fruits

Eat veggies and fruits which contain more water like cucumber, carrot, kivi, oranges watermelon etc. Anti-oxidant properties of fruits and veggies prevent your skin from damage.



4. Take shower twice a day

Take shower twice a day so that your body heat will be maintained. Your pores may get blocked due to dust, dead skin cells. Also skin gets easily greasy and sticky during summer. To avoid this cleanse your face three to four times gently within a day.



5.Moist your skin regularly

Don’t forget to apply moisturizer. Most people don’t apply moisturizer with the misconception that skin doesn’t need to get moist during summer. But while cleansing your skin, natural oil gets washed off. This causes the skin to become dry. To prevent this from happening apply moisturizer. Gel based moisturizer is great for summer. Also Aloe Vera, olive oil, grape seed oil or lotion is advisable. Prefer lightweight gel based moisturizer which keeps your skin hydrated.



6. Sunscreen lotion

Don't forget to apply sunscreen lotion before going out. It is necessary to use sunscreen with minimum SPF 30. As Ultra violet rays coming from sun are more active during summer. It penetrates through skin and may damage your skin. Sunscreen with good SPF protects your skin.



7. Keep blotting paper

Always keep blotting paper with you to blot out sweat as well as dust from face. So that your skin won't be oily and sticky these days.



8.Charcoal face mask

Put charcoal face mask on your face thrice in a week. It pulls out all the dust from your skin and keep your skin pores clean and dirt free. Also it helps to maintain your skin tone.



9. Exfoliate Skin

Exfoliate your skin within ten days. It will remove dead skin cells, excess oil as well as tan from your skin.



10. Apply Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has many soothing properties. You can apply it on your skin as it helps to feel you cool. Also it can be applied over sunburns.



11. Take care of your eyes

It is important to take care of your eyes too. You can keep cucumber slices or wet cotton on your eyes daily for thirty minutes. It helps to keep them cool. Use of sunglasses is also great idea to keep your eyes cool.



12. Use lip balm with good SPF

Don’t forget your lips guys. Lips has more sensitive skin and it gets easily darken if exposed to sun. Use lip balm with good SPF to keep your lips soft.



13. Prefer cotton clothes

Prefer loose and cotton clothes during summer. It will prevent your skin from itching and any kind of rashes. Also it is advisable to wear light color clothes so light gets reflected and your body will prevent from heat.


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