How to take care of your hair and adopt home remedies?


             Every person's goodness is from his head hair if our hair does it has good than our face of facts. the easiest way to change your look, hairstyle and hairstyle should be good hair. Our hair will be good maintenance and good t the oil and many ways used to use which hair is becoming black dense strong and shiny.



 Haircare tips

   if you are wondering how to take care of hair, then it is very easy .no one needs to go to the parlour for this. this work can also be done easily from home.



   Hair oil 

   Our hair needs nutrients .the most needed oil massage and. Once a week, it will make your hair healthy benefit by applying oil in hair.

   1• Oil massage is stronger than hair junk.

   2• Appling oil to the hair makes hair grow faster.

   3• Regularly applying oil make hair silky and soft.

   4• with the strengthening of hair our face increases.

  5• oil massage makes the heart relaxed and also removes stress.



   Hair shampoo

           Our hair should be shampoo 3 times a week. if you do not do this your hair can get dirty and messy. and it may cause your hair to fall. Their fire, it is important to keep the hair clean.

    Benefits of hair clean 

    1• keeping your hair clean will make you feel good too.

   2• Hair cleansing keeps hair healthy and strong.

   3 • by keeping hair healthy and strong, we can make our hair a lot of hairs types.

   4•Beautifulness will be seen in our faces.



  Hair conditioner 

     After the shampoo, put the conditioner in the hair. especially your hair is dry if your hair is oily you avoid putting conditioner. shampoo 3 times a week is normal hair and apply 1-time conditioner.

  1 •Applying the conditioner will remain soft and silky.

  2• Hair freshness looks beautiful by applying conditioner.

   The conditioner should be used as required by the hair if the hair requires a conditioner, then the conditioner must be applied after washing the hair.



    Hair Serum

                Use a hair serum to bring brightness to hair after shampoo and conditioner instead of normal hair, it is more suitable for dry and curly hair .with this hair breaks less too. if your hair dry is use.


Reason for hair loss

  1• the main reason for the fall of hair is that when is dust and soil if you are lat in your hair, then your hair is likely to fall.

2• Hard chemical shampoo can be weakened with hair root in the hair, as well as hair root can be weakened Nd the reason of hair fall is made.

3• people often use prison hair spray to give hair a new look, which is chemical, such products damaged hair.

4• Hair like other organs of the body also needs vitamins, minerals and protein .due to not taking a proper diet also seems to be a hair fall.

5• The main reason for hair loss in a woman is stress or mental problems.


Some home remedies for preventing hair loss the best way to prevent hair loss is that hair should be first strong.


  1• Hair Oil 

          Hair oil most important for hair care, which can be better considered for hair.



  Olive Oil

        Olive oil is full of nutrients .it can prove to be beneficial in many Associated problems with hair .olive oil can be beneficial in hair loss problems of hair and hair damage.



Coconut Oil 

           Coconut oil for hair is also considered beneficial. given the length of hair, take coconut oil in a bowl. then add some curry leaves and heat it lightly .now apply it to the hair and gently massage the scalp.



Almond Oil

         Almond oil can be considered good for hair. almond oil is a good source of fatty acids and fatty acids are believed to help promote hair growth.




       Take two eggs and two teaspoons of olive oil. broke both eggs and put their yellow part in the bowl .now add olive oil and mix it then put this pack on your hair with the help of a brush and leave it for two hours .after this wash hair from cold water and shampoo.

    Eggs are a good conditioner for hair and make hair silky, smooth and shiny.

   Egg works miraculously on hair. It is rich in protein, vitamins and folic acid .all these minerals and vitamins are considered very important for hair .du to the emollient and oily properties present in olive oil .it can be used as a natural conditioner .the moisturizing properties present in it provide moisture to the hair .homemade mayonnaise provides strength to the contains lots of oils and proteins, which help moisturize the hair well.




         Yoghurt provides nourishment to the hair .curd or buttermilk stops hair fall and the problem of dandruff addition to calcium, yoghurt contains vitamin B5, D mineral zinc, potassium and magnesium. Due to curd, dryness and dullness can be removed from the hair and a new life can be added to them.

    With the help of curd, hair can be made strong and healthy apart from preventing from falling.

    Dandruff problem can be removed with us of curd.



Honey or olive oil 

A mixture of honey and olive oil also proves to be very helpful in preventing hair breakage. indeed, olive oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids, triglycerides, and squares, which exhibit antioxidant properties, and can prevent hair loss. also, can hydrate. honey can act as a conditioner for hair.




Avocado can be considered effective for tangled hair actually, avocado can be used as the best hair conditioner this keeps the hair soft and reduces the risk of tangling.



Aloe vera 

Aloe Vera is also included in the list of best hair care tips .it can also be used to prevent hair breakage the enzymes present in it can protect the scalp and prevent hair fall.




Henna also removes the problem of dandruff and hair fall. if you also have dandruff in your hair, using henna will be very beneficial for you. henna plays a very important role in conditioning hair.

Henna can also prevent hair fall and strengthens the roots of our hair. henna nourishes our hair externally as well as strengthens them from the inside.

  1• the use of henna makes your hair longer.

  2• you can use henna to avoid dryness.

Onion juice

Remove the onion juice and add the don't and apply it can the scalp of your head and leave it for 25 -30 minutes. also, wrap the towel over your head so that the hair follicles absorb it .then wash hair thoroughly with shampoo the sulfur present in the onion nourishes the hair roots which helps in hair growth. onion juice should be applied to increase hair length.

This home remedy worker wonderful to make hair shiny and strong.

1• Mixing onion juices with oil increases hair growth and nourishes hair.

2• Beer with onion makes your hair naturally shiny.

3• Hony with onion is a very effective home remedy for hair growth.

4• the paste of neem leaves strengthens the hair and reduces hair loss.

5• Henna is most commonly used for coloring hair. 



What to eat for hair care 

   Here we will learn about some such foods, which are necessary for dry, lifeless and oily hair .including these foods in your diet provide essential nutrients, which are essential for hair. if the hair is completely fine, then it can be consumed.



For oily hair 

Vitamin A is very important for hair and the body. Eating vitamin-rich foods controls the production of sebum in the body .it is sebum, which causes sweat and oil in the body and scalp .vitamin a is found in plenty in fish, chicken, fruits and vegetables .these not only make the hair long and thick but also bring back its shine.

   Our body needs zinc consuming zinc-rich food can control the production of sebum in the body zinc supplement are easily available in the market apart from this, zinc is also found in fish, dry fruits, grains, and legumes. Oats have also been considered the main source of zinc consumption of these foods will improve hair quality.



For dry hair 

To increase and strengthen hair follicles foods containing iron should be consumed. such as spinach, data, curry leaves and pomegranate etc.

Vitamin D plays an important role in hair growth it's intake brings new life to the hair. vitamin D is found in excessive amounts in mushroom .also soy beverages and yoghurt contain vitamin D .vitamin d supplements may also be taken. 

Biotin is very important for hair to helps in the metabolism of fatty acids, carbohydrates and amino acids .consume food items containing Biotene, which include foods items such as egg yolk, oats, spinach, milk, mushroom, and rice.

You can adopt hair care tips described in the article to keep your hair healthy.


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