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Hello everyone, hope you are doing great. Let's talk on point without wasting your time, so I have made a serve on google forms with some engineering students, regarding "are they get distracted by any social media and wasted their focus and time ?". so the 82% said that yes, they are wasting their time and can't stop the use of it. So again, we ask them, "apart from WhatsApp, which social media platform you use most of the time?"(note: we are not considering WhatsApp in this because it is a fact that WhatsApp is mandatory in professional and personal life.) 56% said that they use Instagram more than Facebook because of reels feature.

            So I stop the use of Instagram for 30 days. The initial 3 days were the toughest kind of days of my life. I checked updates after every minute, so I just hide the Instagram app and set a password to open it. The main reason does that I don't want to uninstall it to make my 30 days challenge harder. And to hide the app, the set password is to make the access difficult so that when I try to open it, I have to put some effort, and according to proven research, our brain or mind don't want to do things that require effort. It likes to lazy. That's how I tricked my brain using mobile tricks. Still, the main challenge is to avoid the habit of using it.




 In Instagram, there are many features like the story, reels, memes, live, etc. among this, the reels part is so dangerous that it can kill your attention span and decrease it to 30 seconds the algorithm generates random videos based on your activities and interest. Still, the complete process is passive from the user side; he just swipes; this kills our mind's activeness to think and take actions and decisions. As I referred to earlier in the text, people like this because, by proven research, your brain likes things that don't require any effort.








The question was how to get out of it, so I started to do the things that require more effort from my brain, like I had started to read a book, watched 3 hours long inspiring and motivational movie to increase attention span. That was not enough, so it made me busy to acquire some skills like I learned AUTOCAD 3D modeling, programing language, product designing, photoshop, and video editing. I have spent some time with family and friends because of that, my mental health is improved. These things help me a lot to focus and to use my valuable time in the right direction.










 In the end, I will say the social media give us the feeling of negative comparison between the people of the different journey also the people get addicted to the attention they get on it. Ultimately that all will kill your valuable time.

       If you want to do 30 days no social media, then I suggest you don't do that because we are now in the online digital world because of the covid pandemic. So you need to reduce your usage time to Instagram, increase time to other skill activities so that you get notified and updated because I personally missed some updated and if you want an article on how to stay focused and productive without stoping use of Instagram or how to use this media productively let us know by your comments below! 




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