How to Start a WordPress Blog Guide for Beginner in 2021?


Everyone can start a blog, but ranking it kills a lot of people, and they stop working on the blog.

Probably all of you are well aware of the fact that most blogs stop working on their blog because they did not choose the topic of their blog correctly.

We should create a blog about anything we know well about.I would like to tell you about it, no, we shouldn't do that, we still have to look at a lot of things, just to see what we know. That's not enough, let's say you have information about everything and you have created a blog on it. But no body wants to know about your information and your blog , so you have to see if people want to read your blog.

I will give you top niche for blogging 

1. Beauty 

2. Technology 

3.  Sports 

4.  Health 

5.  Food 

6.  Career 



2. How to Buy Hosting for your Blog ?

Those who do not know about web hosting can only know that we need land to build our house. In the same way we need web hosting to bring our website online.

There many web hosting company like Godaddy, Hostinger, A2hosting etc.. I will recommended to you Hostinger is the best company. 



3. How to set up a blog?

 Now you can enter the domain name of your website in any browser and your website will start opening. But right now our website is looking very normal. We have to do some things to make this website even better. Before we can do all these things, we have to type Wp-Admin with our domain in our browser to enter in the Dashboard of our website, such as: - "www.Yourdomain.Com/Wp-Admin" then you will see the dashboard and you will have to put site name. 



4. How to put a theme on a blog?

We always have to put good content as well as good theme to make your blog good.we have to pay money for some paid theme. According to my experience I recommend you GeneratePress is the best theme for blogging because this theme is to fast loading.

Now after the theme is activated, you also need to put all the necessary menus so that your website will also look like a professional website. This 4 menu you have to put in your website.

1. About us

2. Contact us

3. Disclamier

4. Privacy- policy 



5. How to Install Plugin on Blog?

There is not any profit after making a blog without technical knowledge for that plugin is very useful for you to making a blog. I recommend you some plugin. 

1. Shortpixel

2.  Akismet

3.  Yoast SEO



6. Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps a lot in checking the report of this website. With the help of this we can know a lot of things. Like how many Page Views are coming to our website, and how many people who are coming are reading our post for how long Time.Open the Google Analytics website that you can open by clicking on this link https://Analytics.Google.Com/Analytics/Web/

After finish this all process you can start write a blog and after writing 15-20 blog you can apply for Google Adsense. 


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