How to Save Money on Food While Travelling?

How to save money on food while traveling.

So, In this article, I will talk about finding cheap and good places to eat and drink, and I will give you some tips so that you can save money during your solo trip too!

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Eat Traditional Dish

So the most important factor in making your travel experience authentic and memorable is the traditional food and drink of any place. There are many things that you can try in different countries. Whatever you eat around the world is the traditional dish of somewhere and you may or may not find it tasty but believe me there is always an interesting story behind it. Generally, you can eat everything whether it is vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or vegan, it depends on you. And if you have problems with eating something, then carry some medicines for it.

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Finding Restaurants and Cafes

Now let's talk about finding restaurants and cafes. Finding Best Places to Eat So how can you find the best places to eat and drink? First of all, you can refer to your travel guide or use all the apps. They are some easy ways to find good restaurants near you. And you can also use Google or Google maps as they are very good at giving food tips in any city. And as I said, you can also refer to some kind of travel guide because it includes many of the best restaurants in the city. All those restaurants are touristic and well known and there can be many reasons for this, maybe they offer a special dish or they can be quite good and cheap or maybe they cook traditionally and authentically. So, don't forget to check them.

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Ask Local People About Good Places To Eat and Drink

And the last option that should be first is that you can ask local people about good places to eat and drink because they are from there, they live there and there are more chances that they know about the nearby places. And I also know that what you read in a travel guide is usually written by the employees of a company by researching or visiting different places and as the cities change and the guides become outdated, This information is not up to date and hence it can be a good idea to take any kind of suggestion from local people. So this was how you can search for restaurants, which is a good way for normal tourists.

Now let us talk in detail about 10 ways to save money on food while traveling like a budget traveler or backpacker. You must have calculated the average budget for flight tickets, hotel bookings, and transportation. However, when it comes to eating, which is one of the most important parts of your trip, most people spend excessively. With a little research and some travel hacks, you can reduce your food expenses to some extent.

So now let me tell you about ten ways to save money on food during travel.

Book Accommodation offers include Breakfast

The first tip or advice is that you should try to book accommodation that includes breakfast, whether it is a hotel or hostel. Trust me, if you will get something to eat easily in the morning, then the beginning of your day will be very energetic. I noticed this in Vietnam when we used to get a sandwich and coffee or bread omelet in the morning, we used to get our stomach filled and it would also save our money for one meal. And if you need to order anything else, then it would be cheaper than restaurants. Then the other option is to always pack something to eat with you. Pack some dry snacks that you like and which you can easily carry.

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And if you have a layover at the airport, then you have to pack something especially for it, you can bring fruits, salads, even a complete meal because the food at the airport is expensive and you do not have to spend that much, you can easily eat the food that you bring from home. And if you are traveling for the long term then never forget to keep dry fruits and nuts like cashew, almond, gram, and peanuts. Then as you may be aware that every country or culture has its special dish. If you don't know what that is, check it in Google or your travel guide before you start the trip, and eat it while you're there. Try to find it from anywhere and order it, no matter what it looks like.

And whatever you eat taste it well, remember that it is a local or traditional dish. People there have been eating it for thousands of years, so nothing will happen to you, in the worst case you will not like its taste. But in most cases, you will like that dish very much and you will eat it almost every day because it will be much cheaper than the food available at tourist places or big hotels.

Buy Snacks and Souvenirs

Then the next thing you have to keep in mind is that during your trip, you will often want to buy snacks and souvenirs. And it can be convenient to buy them from your hotel or any tourist spot nearby, but usually, they include a lot of taxes so their prices will increase. It would be better to buy anything from local shops or supermarkets. In Vietnam, we bought the same packet of coffee at different prices, and the packet we bought from a shop at a touristic spot for Rs 220, we got it from a local grocery store for just Rs 130. And by roaming in the market, you can also find local brands, which are sometimes cheaper and better.

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About Drinking Water

Then, I want to mention the most important thing about drinking water. Do not drink tap water until you are 100% sure that this water is safe. This is the most common reason for getting sick in foreign countries. But this also does not mean that you should buy mineral water every day, keep in mind that plastic is not at all good for the environment. Instead, you can carry a metal water bottle which you can fill every time from the hostel, hotel, or public spaces. With this, you will not have to spend money on water. So it will not only be cheaper but will also help our planet. And yes, you should also avoid ice cubes in your drinks as they are often made with tap water.

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Keep a packet of Coffee and Tea with you

And if you drink tea or coffee every day then you should keep a packet with you and make it yourself, this will save you a lot of money. With this, we come to our next point that you should cook your food while traveling. I know that you will not be able to cook all the time while traveling, but as I said earlier you can have breakfast at your accommodation and for lunch, you can try local street food or local restaurants and for dinner, you can go outside sometimes but it would be better if you make something yourself. You will find many hotels where the kitchen will be available and you can cook food after buying vegetables and other things from grocery shops or supermarkets.

Find Indian Restaurant if go in another country

Then if you travel outside the country for so many days, it is obvious that you will miss Indian food. So if there is an Indian restaurant in a city then definitely visit it. This will also give you food and a chance to meet some Indian people. But keep in mind that Indian food will be very expensive in foreign countries, so do not eat there more often, it would be better to make home-like food in your hotel itself.

Visits places for Streets Food

Now I have been asking you to eat local food for quite a while, but the taste of every place is different and you will have to develop a taste to eat many types of food, only then you will be able to eat local dishes. And for this, I would suggest you start tasting some street food from day one, slowly you will start liking the food and it will also become a habit. Still, if you do not like the taste, you can carry some packets of homemade food, and you will get the spicy taste you want. We tried this thing in Vietnam and it was very beneficial.

Avoid Junk Food

Now while traveling, it is most important to have good health and besides water, due to which your health can get worse is junk food. Wherever you are in the world, junk food is available everywhere and it will be quite tempting too, but please try to avoid them. This will save you money and health will also be good.

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Avoid Alcohol and Try Local Traditional Juices

Another piece of advice that I would like to give you is that you should avoid alcoholic drinks while traveling or even in general because when you are drunk then as a tourist you are an easy victim and the possibility of any scam or crime with you increases. But still, if you like to drink, then keep in mind that every country has different alcohol regulations. Before drinking anywhere, ask someone whether it is allowed or not and whether it is safe or not. Also, like traditional food, most countries have some traditional drinks or juices, so you can try them too.

Eating Salad and Saved Money by buying Vegetable and Fruits 

And the last tip from which you can save the most money is buying fruits and vegetables and eating salads while traveling. You can eat fruits while roaming anywhere. If you have eaten two meals, then at night, you can just eat a salad, which will be cheaper and it will also be good for your health. Just keep in mind that you have to buy vegetables from where local people buy cheap vegetables.

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So now you have many ways to save money on food while traveling, and I hope you will easily find good and cheap restaurants too. See you soon, Thank you so much for reading this article. Don't forget to follow my handle "The Avail Post" and Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated.


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