We all are human beings, and we all face problems and stress in our daily lives. We suffer a lot and keep that stress building in our mind and heart, that it becomes very hard to describe that how much is the trouble we are going through. We think too much that it reduces our power of taking the right decision.

Many people are going through problems of daily life like family issues, misunderstandings among friends, relationship issues, and many more. They take a lot of stress that affects their mental health.

So here are some tips that will help you overcome your stress. You must refer to these five guidelines and imply these in your life. You then realize that how these will make a difference in your lives.



1) Stop Overthinking

My friends, this world is like a coin whose one side is good and another one is bad. We never know which side appears to us first. So if it is something terrible, and you are suffering a lot, here you should take a pause. Thinking so much on that same issue won't change the reality and won't be decreasing any of your stress levels. Just try to divert your mind for some time and take a break. Know well that this will let you think better than before.

Overthinking is the biggest mistake that people do. We always think too much, and we conclude that end. No, it should not be like that. Guys, God has sent us, he will conclude the end. Overthinking won't make any difference. It just performs a job of making us more moody and irritable. We lost the actual power of thinking. We just can't think right when we needed it the most.

That pressure of the issues and the deepness of the problem build a kind of cap over our heads. We further make it strong when we overthink much. Then all the things happening in our lives seem to us like the biggest problems. Although we are the ones who make them big and contradictory. We should not think much, as overthinking itself is the biggest problem. 



2) Do Not Blame Your Own self

See, in this world no one is perfect. If you are a human being, you must go to make mistakes. We can not make everyone happy at the same time. And if we expect that yes, we can make everyone smile and no one will get disturbed by our actions, so brothers and sisters you are wrong. It's just impossible. Suppose if you are making 2 people happy, it might be possible that those two people are enemies of each other.

Why would they be wanting you to make their opposite person happy? This is a competitive world. Here, there is only the survival of the fittest and other ones would be the runner-ups.

So stop blaming yourself for every problem you face. It's not always your fault that a relationship ends, it's not your fault that you are opposite to your father and of the society, it is not your fault that you are a girl, it's not your fault that you are different. Realize that it is your strength.



Do not make all these things your weaknesses. Sometimes we make mistakes, we realize, and we want to correct them. Here you need to do 2 things: Gather all your courage and apologize to the second person you think you've hurt. Sorry, won't make any difference to your Self -Respect. At least close the matter and let go of all your remaining stress.

Don't keep blaming yourself for that one mistake you've made years before. Keep one thing in your mind. If you've made any mistakes, you just have to correct them, apologize or learn from them. Blaming oneself won't correct anything rather it will deepen the stress level. Respect yourself and move on. Don't give all the credit for that one mistake to yourself.

Because time won't wait for you, you lose all your precious time in blaming and regretting.



3) Be Your Strength

Everyone should keep in mind that no one is going to face what comes for us. The problem we're in and the conclusion that will be there, only we are going to face them. No one in this world can take our place, No matter who the person is and how much your bond is strong. Even friends, Best friends, Parents, Life Partners, Siblings, and a lot more people can just support us. They can't take our place even if they are willing to.

They can just sympathize, but the one who is going to face the problem is you. So be your strength. Do not let your strength break down by any, any means. If you are your strength, No power except the almighty can put yourself down. Nothing is more powerful than our willpower. We should not let ourselves break by any unnecessary, critical, and unwanted comments of people whose aim is to always lead us down.

As you know that in this world if there is competition then no one wants us to achieve more than them, be it class, money, or fame.

Refer to this example: Suppose you are playing chess with yourself, all whites are yours and all blacks are yours. Your competition now is with yourself. No one can defeat, but you can now raise yourself even high. If you are fat, short, dark, it's their way of seeing you. Know well that you are the best version of yourself.

And the moment their trolls and rumors stop affecting you, know well that you are gaining your strength. We should handle all our problems with a powerful mind and inner strength. We need to believe in ourselves and trust ourselves. Half of your stress will end here only when you came as your strength.



4) Listen To Music

We should listen to music when we feel stressed and burdened. Music is the medicine of all kinds of tensions and negativity. It calms our mind and gives us a kind of free and lovely environment to think like an open individual with no burden.

It is something that provides relief and a free mind that keeps us relaxed for the moment and lets us feel good and happy, keeping aside all the burdens of life and negative thoughts.



Music is also a symbol of love and romance. We always think of a beautiful song and even sing that song for our loved ones and better halves. So isn't it a good idea to listen to music and fell in love with ourselves first?

Like water for fishes, the moon for night, and lights for Diwali are essential. Music for a stressed mind is equally essential.



5) Think Positive

You all should know that positive thinking is a powerful weapon. We should always think positively, as it is having too many benefits. Positive thinking will lead us to right and a better path. In the presence of positive thoughts, no negativity can touch our brains, ever. It is a better way and a beautiful garland of powerful thoughts which includes positivity for sure, love, and nonviolence. All these are the components that a stress-free mind requires. Foremost what we have to do is think positive and stay calm so that we can achieve our goal of staying away from every stress. We should just sit, think positively, do a favor for somebody's betterment, and smile. This is the best way to remain stress-free.




Keeping ourselves free from stress is our foremost responsibility. If we are stress-free in this world, we can easily handle even big and giant problems. Last but not the least, we should just spread love and enjoy life. Life is too easy. We complicate it. Our work is to stay happy and spread goodness. This will automatically reduce our stress level. And if you are reading this, follow all these guidelines, and I am sure that it will help you overcome your stress.

                                         Thank you

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MOHAMMAD IZHAAN - May 6, 2021, 2:28 AM - Add Reply

Greattt workk mam👏

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It'd be helpful ✌

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