How to prepare for Board Exams effectively by studying at home?

Exams are one of the most important parts of student life. Every student is worried about his performance in the Board Exams. During this tough phase of Lockdown, the study of students is disturbed hugely. Today I am going to tell you all about some tricks and tips which will help you score good marks in upcoming board exams.

1. Dream Less, Work More.

A Child is dreaming about Future

I have seen so many students who dream a lot that they will study for 5-6 hours daily and make timetables, but they do not follow those timetables. In my opinion, These timetables should not be made of long term purpose and should be for short term purposes. You should not make a timetable for a month or a week, but you should make a timetable for a single day. Every night you should make a list that what are the things which you are going to do the next day, and when you complete those tasks the next day, you should put a tick mark ahead of those tasks. This thing will make you feel good that you are doing work every day and you will look forward to some new tasks.

2. Follow the Rule of Reading a Chapter 3 Times.

A Girl Reading a BookThe most important thing which is required to perform well in exams is the understanding of the topics, and to understand a topic effectively, you should read the full Chapter by full dedication and concentration. You all should read each and every topic three times. When you are reading a chapter first time, you should read it slowly without making any notes or marking important points, just read the Chapter with full concentration. When you are reading Chapter second time, you should highlight important points, and When you are reading the Chapter for the third time, you should just read the highlighted part and should make a Short note of full Chapter in just 2 or 3 pages. It will surely help you to understand each and every topic nicely.

3. Practice more numerical in Physics and Theory in Chemistry.

The Student cannot decide what to studyI know this something very different, and you would not have heard about it, but trust me, it works. Physics is a subject where you need to practice a lot of questions to master a particular topic, while Chemistry is a subject where we need to memorize many things. There are many Exceptional cases in Chemistry, and to learn them you should make charts. You should master Physical Chemistry because it is very easy, and questions are directly based on the formulas.

4. Make a List of Important Formulas.

These are several formulas of Mathematics

This is also a very important method to perform well in the examinations. Students make a Formula chart just before the exams, but it is not a good idea to make Formulas chart just before the exams. You should make a Formula chart at least 2-3 months before exams, and you should paste a copy of the Formula table in your bedroom so that you can memorize it whenever you want.

I hope that these tips and tricks will surely help you all to perform well in your upcoming Examinations, and you can study well in the time period of Lockdown.

Thanks a lot for Reading! 

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