How to prepare for board exams ?

How To Prepare For Upcoming Board Exams

You all know that marks of board exams play a big role in our life. Specially for getting admission in best colleges and schools.

If you prepare well for your exam then you would score good. Some of the best techniques and tips are given below which help a lot to you  for exam preparation.


Always Be Positive

A positive attitude not only helps you in exams but also in life.

During School life students face a lot of stress especially board students which make them mentally weak . To avoid this problem students must accept a positive attitude. This positive attitude not only make them mentally strong but also release pressure from their minds. So then can study more effectively.


Avoid Social Media

Many students say that they got distracted due to their social media accounts. Their point of focus got shifted towards social media instead of books which affects their marks.

To prevent this problem you must make a distance from your social accounts. Your can temporarily disable them until your exams got over or you can simply make a mind to not use them.


Need Not To Shy

Many students feel shy to talk to their teachers towards their problems and due to this shyness their problems remain unsolved and this affect their final exams.

To get rid of this problem students need to develop a good relation with their teachers. They need to generate a courage in their hearts to say something in front of their teachers.

They need to understand that teacher is their to help them.


Use Spare Time

Many students waste a lot of time in not so necessary works like oversleeping, watching t.v., playing games etc.

They should understand the importance of time. They need to use their spare time to complete their other important works like completing notes, making practicals etc.


Proper Sleep

Many students study till late night due to which they woke up late which disturbs their time table.

It is necessary for every student to take a proper sleep about 6 to 8 hours a day because when we sleep our mind muscles relax which increases our learning power. So every student must take a proper sleep.


Exam Related Study 

Many students especially class 12th students prepare for various entrance exams like JEE ,NEET etc.

We all know that entrance exams syllabus is more than boards syllabus . So students study more than their usual syllabus and due to this they does not give proper time  to their boards syllabus and got low marks in boards.

To get rid of this situation, every student must check their syllabus and study accordingly. 


Making Priorities

As discussed above, students need to make their priorities. They have to understand that their first priority is board exams so they need to give them preferences.

This habit of making priorities also help students during exam time. They first have to prepare for exams which are coming early and vice versa.


Self Analysis

Every student must give some time to analyse whether his preparation is going in right way or not.

This self analysing process tell the students about their ups and downs.


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I waana more from this author

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