How to play FAU-G Game?

How to install FAU-G?

It's easy. Take associate degree golem smartphone, kind FAU-G or FAUG within the search bar of play store, and you'll be able to see the official game right at the highest, There are many faux ones offered moreover, so beware. Note that FAU-G Game has been developed by a Bengaluru-based referred to as nCore Games; therefore make certain you check the developer details properly before putting in the sport on your portable.

conjointly browse-FAU-G reaches one million downloads simply on a daily basis when its launch.


FAU-G: the way to start!

The process is basically straightforward. You don't get to enter any details of your own. simply install the app and open it on your mobile device; the sport can take your time to attach to the servers, so, shame some patience there.

Once the servers are reached, the FAU-G trailer is the view you have got the choice to skip it. you'll be then able to see the player right on your phone screen, next click on the play choice to begin the sport. Before coming into the most game, there'll be a coaching spherical wherever you'll be lessened concerning the functionalities and the way to play the sport and what to try and do to win by crossing the amount.


How to play FAU-G! 

This one is pretty just like the other action game offered on play store. The plotline here is that the Galwan depression episode that occurred between the Indian and Chinese army at the border last year, 

Before long when that the Indian government illegal many Chinese applications together with the popular tik tok PUBG mobile, pubg mobile lite, among others, within the game,  you'll get to do is keep running with the controls given and defeat the Chinese army coming back your approach and move ahead.

Most likely there'll be upgraded later you'll got save yourse with him by unedigly sound the paw icon. the sport screen conjointly displays your health in inexperienced, the time remaining to end the target, and therefore the levels, This episode is of 4 levels.


FAU-G:the way to improve health

There are bonfires in some intervals, fo large fitter and improve your health you'll simply got to sit nest to the fire. To enhance health, run toward the fire click on the ent icon displayed on the proper facet of the screen and that's it,. Notably, once you sit next to the fire the time can run quicker. so  guranter to avoid washtng health the maximum amount as poetnitao. FAU-G tips and tricks the Chinese army and taken their weapons to use later to fight , Once you're able to with success kill associate degree oppokent you'll collect this weapon and use in to defeat the rival ince needed.


Tips to win the FAU-G game!

I had to undertake over ten times to finally win the game. you'll get to be strategic,

#tip 1: you want to keep your health recovered in any respect times.

# tip 2: you want to recognize your close properly. 

# tip 3 check the opponents from distance 1st and be ready fo fight the battle.

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