How to opt for ideal badminton racket 2021

In this article, I will provide you information on how you can opt for an ideal badminton racket. So friends sometimes you have to go to purchase a new racket so many problems come like which badminton racket is best for me, which racket will suit my style, which racket is perfect. These all are only a few problems.

I promise you, till the end of the article you will get a perfect knowledge of Badminton. So that you can make a better decision to choose a perfect badminton racket for yourself.

Firstly, you need to look at yourself as a player and consider two things; Your ability which I will talk about a little bit later, and secondly your playing style, thinking about your strengths and what you want to get out of the racket!

You then need to apply your playing style to these main areas of the racket… and no of them isn't the color. When I was younger, I based my choice of racket on the color! Now I realize that it was quite silly and these areas of the racket are important.


1. Flexibility Or Stiffness

Firstly, there is the flexibility for the stiffness of the racket and every racket will sit somewhere on the continuum from stiff to flexible. So, should you choose a flexible or stiff racket?

Flexible Vs Siff Racket

So friends as you can see in the above image a stiff racket and a flexible racket. The flexible racket is not a band as seen in the image it just has a flexible shaft.

Well, if you are a beginner then you are probably not going to regenerating as much swing speed meaning that your racket shaft would not bend as much during your shots. You should therefore go for a more flexible racket which helps with this and help you gain more power.

This idea is that you can therefore focus on your technique rather than just trying to get more power in your shorts and all mid-range rackets and below focus on flexibility for this reason.

In a comparison of stiffer racket required of fast swing action and good technique to generate power so more suited to an advanced player. As the shaft doesn't bend as much when you are hitting the shuttle, it will help, improve the accuracy and control of your shots and most top-end rackets toward the shaft and the continuum.


2. Balance Point

Next, we should look at the balance point which is similar to stiffness by being on a continuum and this is from head heavy to the headlight. The balance point is the overall weight of the racket. Three types of racket come in this.

• Head heavy racket,

• Headlight racket,

• Even a balanced racket

Heavy head Vs light head racket

First of all, I will tell you about the "Head Heavy Racket". Head heavy rackets are those in which the maximum weight of the rackets are on the head. Therefore, we call it a head-heavy racket. This racket is useful for those who love to play powerful games from the court. Due to extra weight in the head of the race, it gives us power shots like smashers and clear tosses. Most of the single-player use head-heavy racket if talking about a double player of the one who plays the lives games to the back of the court maximum time.

I love Yonex Duora Z in the heavy-head racquets.

Yonex Duora Z

More Details

The second racquet is "Headlight Racquet". A headlight racket means the maximum weight of the racket is in its handle, therefore, we call it a headlight racket. The front player in double has to play so much net so he/she needs so many controls well as its reaction to hit shuttle needs very speed. The advantage of this racket is that it gives us the fast reaction going to control as well as good swing.

I choose Yonex Astrox Smash for the headlight badminton racket.

Yonex Astrox Smash

More Details

The third racket is an "Even Balance Racket". Even balance related to which have the same handle and head weight, therefore, we call them even balance racket. It means that the weight is equally distributed all over the racket. The best example of this racket is Yonex Duora 10.

Yonex Duora 10

More Details

If you already have even a balance racket and you want to make it head heavy racket, so you can apply lead tape in its head then it will become a head-heavy racquet, and if you want to make it a headlight racket. Then you just have to roll extra grip here, so you will get a headlight racquet.

So this is where your playing style comes into consideration. For example, if you are predominantly a net player in doubles you might want to go for a headlight racket, or if you win a lot of points in your attack in a single you might want to go for the head heavy racket. You may even want to gain an advantage in your weaker areas so you opt for the opposite. Ultimately it's what you like, what suits you best!

3. Shape of Racket

The head shapes of the racket are of 2 types.

Oval Shape

Isometric Shape

The oval shape racket is for beginners and it is very cheaper compare to isometric. Nowadays the 90% of rackets made are of isometric shape. Isometric has only one advantage over oval is that its Sweet Spot is very big as compared to oval. As you can see in the image below, the yellow part is Sweet Spot.

Sweet Spot in Isometric shape RacketSweet Spot in Oval Shaped Racket

If you don't know the Sweet Spot? So Sweet Spot is the part of the racket from where it generates maximum power. So the Sweet Spot of an oval shape racket is slightly smaller as compared to the Sweet Spot of an isometric shape racket.

4. Tension

Now I will tell you about the tension of the racket. So the tension of every racket is different. You have to look at how much tension your racket can hold, as the much, it holds the tension as strong it is.

The tension used for a beginner is below 24 LDF, Intermediate players use 24 to 26, and the advanced player can use 26 to 32 LDF tension. My thinking is that use tension only as much you can feel comfortable.

5. T-Joint

Now I will tell you about T-Joint. There are 2 types of T-joint.

Two-Piece T-Joint

Single-Piece T-Joint

First of all, In a two-piece T-joint, the head and shaft of the racket are joined with extra material. Therefore due to joined by the 3rd material, It becomes weak from there.

Two-Piece T-JointSingle-Piece T-Joint

If I talk about a single-piece T- Joint, So there is no 3rd material joint there, which makes it very strong as compared to the two-piece T-joint.

6. Weight of Racket

Now, we need to look at the weight of the racket. Five different weight categories are ranging from 2u to 6u, 2u being the heaviest category, and 6u being the lightest. Although 2u and 6u are not very common!

Weight of Racket

In general, the weight of the racket is up to you, you'll find most professional players won't use a racket any lighter than 80 grams but for beginners, a light racket may be good as it's going to be easier to use and may be more forgiving on your shoulder if you don't play regularly!

7. Grip Size

An important thing to mention in this article is the Grip Size as you'll often see g3, g4, and g5 on a racket, this relates to the size of the grip and it can vary amongst brands and also between Asia and Europe.

Asian brands do tend to have smaller hands. If you're unsure and have the choice, I would recommend going with a thinner grip as you can make it thicker if you like however do remember that if you do this may change the balance of your racket!

8. Money

Another thing that I want to mention if you're a beginner. You don't necessarily need an expensive racket as you might not feel the benefit of it, so save your money and upgrade when you improve!

And therefore I will recommend a more mid-range racket like the Yonex Nanoray 9i, Yonex Arcsaber 200.

Yonex Nanoray 9iYonex Arcsaber 200

More Details          More Details 

So, keep in mind that the above-shown two rackets are only for beginnersI hope you like the articles and seem to be informative.


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