How to nurture your child?

In the case of children, most of the parents are over concious. For them, such products are brought at home, which are not necessary for them. In such a situation let them live in the natural environment. Many modern things in the home cause serious illnesses for them. As soon as the child is born, the parents become very excited and decorate the entire market of baby products in the child's room. They consider things like pacifiers (feeding), feeding bottles, grip water, baby oil, shampoos, soft toys and walkers as good for the child, but ignore the pitfalls hidden in it. As a result, only the innocent child has to suffer. Therefore, one should take normal care and care of the child and should not bring unnecessary things at home after being affected by the market.


Feeding Bottle: -

By drinking milk from the bottle, the air gets high in the stomach of the child and he feels pain in the stomach. There is a risk of infection due to not being hygenic. Therefore change the baby bottle in one or two months. Two types of milk bottles are available in the market. Latex bottles are cheaper and more prone to infection, whereas silicone bottles are expensive. These are better than other bottles. Nipples can be regulated in these.

Walkers: -

Parents are very quick to teach the child to walk and for this they take help of the walkers. According to doctors, the boy learns to walk for one and a half years and the girl till the age of one year. Do not take a walker for the baby. This can cause the baby's legs to become crooked. In the same way, it is also not right for the child to wear diapers all the time. This can cause infections and red rashes.

Passifiers: -

The pacifier is very harmful for the child. The mother puts the passenger on her mouth to keep her busy. Passifiers cause infections in the baby's mouth, as well as this worsen the structure of milk teeth. They can also cause vomiting, colic, diarrhea and respiratory infection (lung related) to the child.

Not necessary grip water: -

After drinking milk, stomach pain occurs due to gas in the stomach of the child, which is cured in a short time. For this, mothers take the help of grip water. These contain sodium bicarbonate, which helps release the gas. Even if you do not take grip water, air comes out from the baby's stomach in a short time.

Stuff Toy: -

Do not keep teddy bear around the child's room or bed. These toys can cause baby breathing and allergic problems. Cases of sedentary death syndrome have also been seen at various times.

Baby shampoos, oils and soaps: -

Massage oils contain up to 30 percent of medicines which can be allergic to the skin. Use coconut oil instead. Do not use baby lotion, baby powder, soap and shampoo. Powder and lotion can go to the lungs of the child and cause respiratory problems.

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