How to make Paratha without dough

How to make Paratha without dough

This article is about making Ruti or Paratha easily

This is an easy way to make Pratha or Ruti. Many Peoples eat roti or Paratha. It takes a long time. And it also becomes musty. So every time we need to make it fresh.

But if we want to eat them after a long time. So here is a way to make Ruti or Paratha easily. It takes only a few minutes and the Ruti or Paratha will be fresh for a long time. It is healthy for our health. Anyone can make it in a few minutes

Things we need is 

1. Flour

2. Water 

3. Oil (oil we use for the cook) 

4. Milk (Optional) 

Let's know the recipe 

It will be finished in two steps only


First, take a bowl. After that that take a cup of flour in the bowl. After that take some water in the bowl. Then add a spoon of oil and mix them well until they mixed and make them like liquid.

We can also add milk to make this liquid. Make consistency as you wish.

This image is to understand  


Now take a fry pan to fry and make the Ruti or Paratha. Don't add much oil. Just take a tissue or a brush or anything and take the oil on that and leave them on the pan. Remember that oil Can't be more in frypan.

This image is to show how to do this

Then take a spoon or something like that and take the liquid you made before. And add them to the frypan. And fry them.

First, don’t change the side (flip). When the color of the upside will be sidely brown then take a spoon and change the side (flip). Flip after 30-40 

After that pour 1 Tablespoon of oil

Then cook until it becomes perfect. After that take it on a plate or a bowl make as much as you need. And our Ruti or Paratha is ready.  

About this recipe 

 Ruti or Paratha we can make with this recipe is like the regular Ruti or Paratha and it also healthy. We can also store it for a long time. And we have no need for a freezer. We can store it in a plastic box. If we make Ruti or Paratha in the morning, it will still fresh at night, we can eat them if we don't have time to make Ruti or Paratha at night. And we can also make them again at night because it doesn't take much time. In this way, we can save time and labor. And we can also make more with the same flour, which means it also save our money. And if we make want to make them in the normal way it takes a long time and also it becomes musty in a few times, on the other side special  Ruti or Paratha don't become musty in a few time and be fresh for a long time.

Everyone must try the easy way to make Ruti or Paratha.

Thank you for reading this.

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