How to make more money outside Medicine

As there are a lot of Doctors from middle class families just like myself who will need to read or research about this topic so that they can add some extra bucks to their daily income.

So here I will try my best to help and provide them some useful information regarding this topic.

I am a Surgical Resident and yesterday I was talking with my colleagues during lunch break at our hospital and our conversation took a turn towards this topic.

We were talking about this topic when different ideas came to our minds and we discussed all the pros and cons of each and every one of those part time activities for Doctors which can get them some extra money.

Then I thought why shouldn't I write about this topic so that people get benefit from it.

So here I will try my best to cover all those ideas about part time jobs or activities for Doctors to earn decent amount of money and increase their daily income.

Private Setting : 

So the most common and easy method to earn decent amount of money in part time is to start your own private clinic to attend patients. It demands a lot of dedication and a lot of time to increase your patient flow but the end results are very fruitful.

Tutoring : 

One should also start tutoring and teach med school students and help them in their exams and earn decent amount of money. 

Social media as a source of income : 

One most important opportunity is to provide your services on social media and start benefiting others. Like for example if you are a Surgical Resident or a Medical Resident or in any other Speciality, you can always start a Youtube channel regarding your Speciality and start providing your services on that platform and also educating others.

This is the most easy method to earn some extra bucks in my opinion but again it demands a lot of time and dedication. But in the end your hard work is always the key to your success. 

Write a book : 

Other most easy and effective way to earn money is to write a book related to Medicine. From my personal experience, I have got a lot of friends who wrote their own books in med school and earned a lot of money with that.

So what they basically did was that after graduation they compiled all the stuff that were useful to them during their med school exams in form of a Book.

They sold all those books to med school students in order to help them in a more efficient way to pass the exam made a lot of money with those books. 

Side businesses :

Now what I am going to talk about now is  an opportunity which is not directly related to Medicine but you can make a lot of money with that and is the most profitable passive Side business.

I am talking about buying a shop or buying a house and give these on Rent to people. So you will make a lot of money by collecting monthly rent from these houses or shops. Now I know it needs a lot of money to invest but you can start with a small hut and then move on.

You can also invest your money with someone who has already a running successful business.

Writing : 

One other opportunity for Doctors is to write. They can write different articles. They can write different books related to Medicine. They can write about their daily experiences in Wards.

They can also write about different diseases, their diagnosis and their management. In short they can also become content writer.

Freelancing : 

One of the most important opportunity for Doctors is to start online earnings as a freelancer from different platforms like or  and many more.

So what basically you have to do is to register yourself on these sites and start helping people with their tasks and get paid for that. 

Telemedicine : 

And last but not the least is to start telemedicine and provide your services to patients on phone or online and get paid for your job online.

There are a lot of apps on which you can treat patients online and through your cellphones and  get paid for that.

Remember that there are a lot of other opportunities for Doctors as well like attending different symposiums, different career counseling seminars to guide young Doctors and Students regarding choosing their specialties.

You can also work with pharmaceutical companies to for research purposes and to give Presentations on different drugs and earn a lot of decent amount of money for your job.

Or join military and provide your services to army officials and soldiers and earn a lot of money. 

So all these are different opportunities for Doctors to get some extra bucks to increase their daily income. 

Thanks for reading this article and I hope that it will benefit a lot of people. 


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