How to make money by shopping?

Today I will give one new way to generate income by shopping monthly. You don't shop for extra unwanted products; only you buy your glossary from this market, and you get 7 types of income to generate. I will explain all 8 types of income briefly. So shall we start?


You make money only by changing your shopping market, and you get more benefits that the market name is vestige Market Pvt. Ltd.

In this market, you will get all basic daily use products such as personal care, electronics, clothes, glossary, etc. On this website, two options available for shopping Online as well as Offline. Vestige Market is giving the best opportunity for all people. 


Furthermore, As I told, you earn 7 types of income. One thing you know first you buy something in this market, you will get PV means Point Value and 1 PV = 30Rs. For example, If you shop 900Rs., you get 30PV. Now I list types of income

1) Retail profile 10-20%

2) Accumulative performance Boun 5 -20%

3) Director Boun 14%

4) Leadership overriding Boun 15%

5) Travel Fund 3%

6) Car Fund 5%

7)House Fund 3%


1) Retail profile

Each vestige item has Distributor cost and MRP cost. The Distributor cost is 10% to 20% lesser than the MRP cost. On the off chance that we offer items to some different people. We will get a retail benefit.


2) Accumulative performance Boun

Consistently a vestige merchant and his group buy items. This buying is determined by point. One point value(PV) is Rs.27 (surmised). The aggregate exhibition reward is determined as the following technique. The old focuses are added each month with the new focuses. This is called collective. 


1 PV – 500 PV = 5% 


501 PV – 2000 PV = 8% 


2001 PV – 4500 PV = 11% 


4501 PV – 7500 PV = 14% 


7501 PV – 10000 PV = 17% 


10001 PV and more = 20%


3) Director Boun

When the wholesaler arrived at 10001PV, he turned into a Director. At this level, the organization gives 14% as the chief reward. 


4) Leadership overriding Boun

After arriving at the Director level, if our group execution is over 5650 PV, the organization gives us the Leadership supersedes reward.


5) Travel Fund

If one of your down the line arrived at the chief level, you will be a Silver Director. In this position, the organization gives you a 3% Travel store. 


6) Car Fund

On the off chance that any 3 of your down lines arrived at the chief level, you will end up being a Star chief. In this position, the organization gives you a 5% Car store. 


7) House Fund

On the off chance that your 6 down lines arrived at the chief level, you will end up being a Crown Director. In this position, the organization gives you a 3% house reserve. You get any doubt on this vestiges market you message me. I will give you contact below, and also you search google. 


Now, I give information about the Vestiges market. Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd, which started its operations in the year 2004, is the largest direct selling company in India dealing in world-class health and personal care products. Vestige has over 47 offices across India with 1500+ collection centers. Vestige has around 250 products in health care, consumables, personal care, Men’s grooming, Cosmetics, Oral care, Home Hygiene, Agriculture, Home appliances, and Ayurvedic proprietary medicine. They have 75,000 square feet full-service GMP certified custom manufacturing facility at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, India.

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