How to make InterCast love marriage successful along with family?

What is love?

As you know love is in the air. where and when love will happen we don't have an idea. but we all should know the difference between love and attraction. attraction is a feeling by which you are attracted to the person by his outlooks and behaviour. love is a feeling when you are attached by soul, any bad habits also look good of that person. attraction lasts for some time but for the love, there is no end at all. love is care. love is fair. love is all.



Problems faced by lovers.

    The biggest problem is when your family members are not ready for you to love marriage. then when it is one-sided love and the last but not least, fights in lovers.



10 ways to make your family ready for your love marriage.

1)the love should be genuine.

If your love is not genuine then anybody can separate you even your family. love should be real not just the attraction.

2)ask your parents to give proof about the life partner they will choose would be the right choice for me...

If your love will be true, you will be never happy to live with the person whom you don't love and your parents had tied you with that person. even a small fight can stretch you to divorce. so ask your parents to give proof about it.

3)be independent

You should not depend on anybody for money and food. when you will be independent, your family will scold you less as you are independent. you can adjust your life by yourself .but if you will be dependent on your parents and say I want to marry him/her they will scold you more.

4)you should be committed to each other.

In your heart, there should be an assurance that nobody can love you more than your lover loves you. and you should commit to each other that if I will get married, I will marry you only nobody else. this will give you the strength to fight society and family.

5)say your parents that it is your final decision so no changes are possible in it.

When you will be still to your decision nobody change it ..say your parents it is the final decision to marry him/her else I will not get married.

6) say your parents you respect them but you can't live without him/her.

Say to your parents that you can do anything for them but the thing they want(marry a girl or boy of your caste) is not possible because I love him/her madly and can't live without him/her.

8)stop communicating with family if they still not get ready.

When you will not talk to your family they will think you are serious. and would never change .this can change the thinking of your parents. they will be scared to lose you and will start understanding you.

9)never lose hope.

There is one dialogue in Bollywood that if you love someone by heart nobody in the world can separate you. so never lose your hope keep trying day will come when you will get each other forever and nobody can separate you.

10)try to make feel your family and lover that you love and respect both of them...

When you will do this both will be happy to you..and try your best to make your family ready before taking a wrong step.



When love is one-sided and fights in love.

One-sided love is useless I think you should move forward your life is very long and hard forget the past and move forward with new hope..when there are fights talk to each other never leave talking even you are fighting. not talking creates more distance.


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