How to make a crafting table for Minecraft gameplay

Crafting Tables in Minecraft 

You can find them on the small 2x2 crafting menu players get by default allowing you to facilitate crafting do make or do almost anything (in the game). Since crafting is the backbone of Minecraft, it's a must-know for all. So, we've compiled a simple guide on crafting in Minecraft and it's easy to understand, even for beginners alike. 

Crafting tables in Minecraft

Apart from some wooden planks required to make the recipe, the crafting table is probably one of the most essential survival item you'll need to create survival items like the pick an axe. 

The crafting table is used for many things by crafting the right recipe. As of now there are 379 recipes in Minecraft, which obviously makes it all the more impossible to advance further into the game unless you know how to do crafting in Minecraft. 

So, without further adieu let's begin:



Required Materials to make a Crafting Table

The material required for crafting a table are 4 wood planks, and you can choose any type of wood, matter of fact, the 4 planks don't even have to be the same type. 

If you're still uncertain, here's a simple way: 

Place a piece of wood 2x2 in your default crafting inventory and remember one block of wood outputs 4 wood planks.


Crafting a table in Minecraft 

For crafting a table, go to your default inventory and look for the 2x2 crafting menu. Begin by placing the wood planks in each slot of your 2x2 crafting menu. The first step to creating the crafting table is done. Now click on the crafting table and drag it to your inventory. 



A Step-by-Step Guide with images 

Below is a step-by-step guide with images you can easily follow for crafting a table in Minecraft. 

Step-1.  Open your inventory and look for the 2x2 default crafting menu located in the right-hand corner as shown in the image below. 

Crafting tables

Step-2. Now place the four planks in each 2x2 crafting menu slot to create the crafting table. 

Crafting 2x2 menj

Tip: you can use any wood type, just cut down any tree for it. 

Step-3. Now that your crafting table is ready, drag it from the crafting area into your own inventory. 



Uses of Crafting Tables in Minecraft:

Crafting tables are is an essential part of making complex recipes. In simple words, if a recipe requires more than 2x2 of crafting space for the recipe, you'll definitely need a crafting table. 

Crafting tables is quite useful in repairing damaged weapons. And, to do this you need to place two of the same tools inside the crafting table, as shown in the image below:

Placing two same tools in crafting table



How to learn Crafting Recipes in Minecraft?

You also get an in game recipe book that teaches you many important recipes that let you know how to craft a myriad of blocks and items. To access the recipe book in Minecraft, open your inventory and click on the green book. 

Green Book

On clicking on the green book, you should get a list of recipes laid out in front of you as in the image below. Here, you can click on any item shown to get it's recipe in-game. 

Recipe book



FAQs on Crafting Table

Q.  How to open crafting table menu in Minecraft?

Place down the block on the ground and interact with it to access the crafting table menu. 

Q.  What type of wood planks are required for crafting a table?

In the current version of Minecraft, it doesn't matter. You can combine any 4 different types of wood planks to craft a table. 

Q. Can a crafting table be used to fuel a furnace?

Yes, a crafting table has about 1.5 times fuel to smelt, however it won't be sufficient to use crafting tabled for this work. Using regular wood or coal will be more cost efficient in place of crafting table.

Q. Do crafting tables burn? 

You would probably say yes as crafting tabled are made of wood and wood catches fire easily. But, crafting tables don't burn, matter of fact, they can survive a raging fire. 



Link between crafting table and Minecraft 

The link between crafting table and Minecraft is the core mechanics of the gameplay. You won't stand a chance of survival if you're unable to craft a table. Thus, as a serious player, the crafting table might be one of the rarest staple blocks you'll see universally in any game worldwide. 


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