How to make a blog and start earning?

How to make a Blog and start earning upto 1000$ per month?

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Ever wonder “Can we really earn from blogging?” 

The answer is really simple.Yes it is possible. A blogger can earn between 100$ to 10000$. It all depends upon his skills and experience. Blogging is a full time career for many people. It could be your career too. You just need to have proper knowledge about blogging before trying your hands in it. Don’t worry this article is the only thing which you need to gain all the necessary details about blogging. So let’s jump into it .

Make a money making blog in just 10 steps.

1.Start with Positive mindset 

Be clear about why you want to start blogging in the first place? And If you do have a clear idea about this question, never let anyone make you give up on this. Blogging is a gradual process. You will not be a millionaire overnight. You need to start your journey with patience and a positive mindset. If you will be consistent throughout this journey I can assure you that you will be the next star in the field of blogging. Always Remember consistently can beat anything.

2.Choose your Niche

Now When you are ready to jump into blogging the first step is to decide your niche. Niche is a targeted area that you will write about. Have a clear understanding of who your target audience is. In simple language choose your topic for blogging. This is the most important decision before starting blogging. If you are a complete beginner don’t go for a broad category instead target a micro niche. Let’s understand this with an example. Let’s say you are writing a blog on diet. But diet is a massive category. If you are a beginner you can  start with a micro niche like a Keto diet, intermittent fasting etc. My point here is to choose a specific topic. If you are not able to decide your niche, do a simple research on Google. Look for popular niche ideas and decide where your interest lies.


3.Choose your domain name

Now when you are done with selecting your niche, the next step is to select your domain name. Domain name is a representation or name of your blog. Before buying a domain , take some time and think about a unique and catchy domain name. Let’s take the above example again. Suppose you are starting a blog on diet then you can go for or So I hope you got the clear idea about what a domain name looks like.


4.Buy your domain name

Now after selecting your domain name, the next step is to buy that one. There are many websites that offer you cheap and affordable domains. But mostly people prefer buying a domain from You must have heard about it. Go to or any website which offers domain names. Search for your selected domain and check whether this domain name is already taken or not. If it is not taken you can see the prices and buy it. In the next point we will talk about how you can get the domain name for free.


5.Buy a Web Hosting

A web hosting is a service through which we will be able to access our website or blog via the world wide web. There are plenty of options available for hosting. There are free hostings as well but if you are serious about blogging then I will not recommend you free hostings. Don’t go for too expensive either if you are just starting your blogging. Bluehost,Siteground,Hostinger,Hostgator these are some of the recommended hosting services. Many web hostings tend to provide free domain names so you don’t have to buy that. Check their plans and choose according to your budget. An ideal web hosting is one which provides one click WordPress installation, free domain name , free SSL certificate, 30 day money back guarantee , good customer support and many more.

6.Setup your Blog

After you are done with everything, now it’s time to set up your blog. Install Wordpress. It’s free, user-friendly, powerful. It offers you many free themes, plugins and allows you to customise your blog in any way you want. Install WordPress and start exploring your freshly made blog.


7.Choose your theme

Choose your theme wisely. There are many options available in word press that you can choose from. Choose a good , catchy and attractive theme based on your interest.

8.Add plugins

Plug-ins are the tools which will help your blog to rank in Google search. This is also known as search engine optimization (SEO). You can get started by adding a plug-in named Yoast SEO. However there are many other plug-ins you can choose from an ad accordingly.

9.Write your first blog post

Now you have done everything. Get an idea and start working on your first blog post and publish it in your blog post section. Do a little keyword research before writing your blog post. This will help in ranking your blog on Google.

10.Don’t forget essential pages

Essential pages are “About us” “Contact us” “Privacy Policy” and “Terms and Conditions”. Write these pages according to your need and publish it on your blog.

~I wish you all the success for your new blog. Happy Blogging!


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