how to look rich and classy ?

Let’s have a small chit-chat before I dive into the helpful tips, on how to look rich and dress like a millionaire on a budget.  I wasn’t rich enough to have an enormous luxury, i m just a normal girl but here are the ways in which you look rich and classy. Okay! Let’s dive right in on how to look rich and classy on a budget.


 Tailor Your Clothes

Rich people wear fitted clothes.  If you have a new outfit or design, take them to a tailor and let them get your measurements, and ensure the clothing is shaped to fit you almost perfectly. 


 Wear Accessories

Accessories are the major ingredients of your outfit. with Accessories u look good and cool.


Take Care Of Your Clothes

Yess make sure you clean your clothes on time. Taking care of your clothes regularly is one of the best ways to look your best. Iron your clothes


 Wear More Black

I love black a lot. Black portrays maturity and confidence.  the color black is a very noticeable color 
 If you want to look all good and classy w.
wear black clothes.


 Get Your Hair Styled

Having a cool hairstyle is such a good thing.  Get a good haircut, make a beautiful hairstyLE and you look great.


Get Serious About Skin-Care

his is probably the most obvious way. Trust me, you can buy all makeup products in the world today but one thing is certain, they don’t treat bad skin.

Rich people are often concerned about their skin and would pay any amount to buy the latest skincare products or visit a dermatologist. However, truth is, skincare doesn’t have to be that expensive.

You can naturally get rid of wrinkled skin by getting rid of certain bad habits and adopting new ones like quitting smoking and drinking.


  Fix Your Teeth

A white, sparkling set of teeth reflect neatness and great self-care which are great signs of wealth. In the United States, one of the greatest giveaways that someone is poor is their teeth. 


 An Interesting Instagram

One thing you’ll probably notice about rich people is that they take pictures from various lit events and “garnish” their Instagram pages with pictures from various beautiful sceneries


 Apply Perfume

Smell nice. You have no excuse. If you want to look rich, then you need to smell nice. Your smell tells a lot about you. Getting a signature perfume or cologne that commands an elegant personality is key to being perceived as rich. 

.  Keep your vehicle clean.

.  Apply your make-up like a pro.

.  A nice pair of sunglasses would add a good touch too.


Quality Over Quantity

You necessarily don’t have to buy so many outfits at once. If you could do them bit-by-bit, then go ahead and purchase. Don’t be lured into buying low-quality outfits. Save up and get the good ones. Also, I think this should be common knowledge, don’t buy clothes because of trends.

Trends will come and go after a while and the clothes will become useless. Get timeless clothes and watch your looks project wealth and class.


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