How to look Manly and Masculine instantly ?

Your clothes are the first place you must start when you want to appear more masculine. Clothes, to a large extent, define gender; there are men’s clothes and women’s clothes. So it only makes sense that you should wear clothes further toward the male side to look more masculine. If you’ve ever wanted to become a Sigma male, you must learn how to dress.

I learned this late in life. After years of wearing a suit and tie every day to work, I wanted the comfort of an Abercrombie T-Shirt and lounge pants. So outside of work, I lived in them.

While it’s okay when you’re at home, I noticed that people related to me differently. For example, when wearing a shirt or a suit, I’d get better service, people were more friendly, and I’d even get more attention from women. You can even get upgraded on flights for wearing the right clothes. But, when I was in casual clothes, I just blended in with the crowd.

Outside the corporate setting, many men often wear gender-neutral clothing, which only makes them look less masculine.

For most men, short hair looks more masculine.

Short hair gives military vibes as most military personnel keep their hair short, but you don’t need a buzzcut to look like a man. Here are a few rules to help you style a masculine haircut next time at the barbershop.

  • Keep the hair on the sides of your hair very short. Your head will look more angular and chiseled, and it will accentuate your jawline.
  • Keep long hair off the shoulders.
  • Don’t try to hide a receding hairline; it makes you look less confident.

Stay Well-Groomed and Maintain Personal Hygiene

There’s something about the rough-looking oily mechanic or dirty tree logger, but you wouldn’t want them in your house before they’d washed up.

There’s nothing attractive about being dirty. Part of attractiveness is just staying on top of your daily showering and hygiene routine; it makes you look more youthful. A youthful appearance will do wonders for your manhood, especially after 30.

  • Shower daily (does this even need to be said?)
  • Maintain a simple facial routine to stop acne, make your face look its best, and overall skin care. Face scrub and moisturizer will keep your facial features fresh and help reduce wrinkles.
  • Keep your teeth in healthy condition by brushing and flossing and look into teeth whitening (keep it natural-looking)
  • If you grow a full beard, keep it trimmed; if not, shave daily with a decent razor (we can tell!)
  • Use a little aftershave or cologne, enough that only those who come close will smell it.

Although people often think that women get all the accessories, there are still tons of manly accessories you can add to your look to make you look more masculine.

Remember, however, that accessories enhance what you’re wearing and your overall style. So the accessories you wear must complement your look. So don’t think a Rolex will help you when wearing a T-shirt and sweatpants. 

Carry a Prop that Accentuates Your Masculinity

Certain items give off manly vibes, and others that don’t. If you’ve ever held a woman’s handbag for her, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Of course, you can’t walk around carrying a toolbox everywhere you go, but there are items you can easily carry to give you a little masculine edge when needed.

Carrying a prop is a great conversation starter because people will ask you about it if they’ve nothing else to discuss. So create the illusion of masculinity by carrying one of these objects:

  • A book – try one of Jocko’s
  • A tool, spare part, or something broken 
  • Cigars
  • Dog leash (you might need a dog for this to work!)

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