How to login again after being logged out in Pubg Mobile

Hi friends, 

Many of you may face problems in logging in with your account in Pubg Mobile after its ban in India. You may get a notification while logging in ( Check your connections, poor network problem, etc. Here I will help you all to log in again in just a few easy ways.


Follow these steps logging in again :

1) Go to play store and search for { }; it's a proxy network app that will help you.

2) Open this app, allow for all permissions, and click on the connect button.

3) You will be asked to install VPN, click on the install or open option, or whatever options are given. 

4) Now, after being connected, Restart Pubg Mobile or Open Pubg Mobile .

Now you all be able to login by simply clicking on whatever way of login you use. 

Enjoy your gaming 😉


Now, mobile game lovers have turned towards yet another addictive first-person shooter game - PUBG. Almost 400 million people around the world play Player Unknown's BattleGrounds (PUBG). In each game, up to one hundred players parachute onto an island and then look for weapons to kill the others without killing themselves. The last player or the last team standing wins the game.


The thrill of being the last one standing, the instant gratification, and the rush of adrenalin - what's not to like? Most of us keep coming back to PUBG for more. We cannot seem to get enough!

The Battle Royal-style game is nothing new as similar games such as H1Z1, Fortnite, and Rules of Survival have existed for years. Why is PUBG becoming such a big problem that states call for an outright ban on a mobile game?


To understand why PUBG is so addictive to both children and adults and how it is different from Candy Crush, we spoke to a few experts -- a child psychologist, the founder of a futuristic group of schools, a parenting expert, and the CEO of a leading ed-tech company that is transforming education with gamification and other modern approaches.

Last week was tough for mobile gaming enthusiasts in India because of the PUBG Mobile ban. We saw it coming a long time ago, but it still came across as nothing but a shock to most people. While some people want the game to be in India, others are completely against it and think it's good that it's not available to play anymore.



We thought this would be a good time to go back and look at some of the horrible incidents in India, which proved that the game was causing a huge problem in the country. Many of these stories were from last year when PUBG Mobile's popularity was at its peak in the country. This particular incident is about a boy who died of cardiac arrest after playing the game for six straight hours. He was a class 12 student from Neemuch town of Madhya Pradesh. 


Woman Asks For A Divorce After Her Husband Tries To Stop Her From Playing

Yes, this actually happened. A woman wanted to leave her husband for good because he tried stopping her from playing PUBG Mobile. She was seeking a divorce for a mobile game. And we thought 2020 was weird? You can learn more about what happened to them. 

Will be there with other solution related to other fields. 

Thanks for giving your valuable time.



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