How to live life?

Butterfly takes birth from cocoon and then flies off to explore the world. During her journey from the cocoon to death she lives a satisfied life. Lifespan of butterfly is very small i.e. nearly 2 days but still butterfly makes this short life span to mesmerizing memories. Butterfly have a great combination of colour on their Wings which build our interest in them. Here I am sharing this article of butterfly to let your understanding widen enough to learn from this tiny creature.

I have a small rose plant let in yard which blooms every fortnight and give a Aspiring look. Many people took efforts to grow this plant and now it blooms with a rose everyday. If we talk about a flower its life span is also small but still it plays its role very efficiently. It grows from a bud to flower open up it's petals and gloom with the Tender Heart. This scenario is very precious to a person who had took efforts to grow this plant because that persons emotions are conjoined with him.

In above two examples we saw a butterfly live his life to fullest and a rose plant who struggled hard to Bloom. With the help of these two examples I am going to embed a simple concept in your mind and it is 'live life to Extreme level'. We humans have a greater lifespan than any other living organism on the earth therefore it is expected that we do more thing than others and this thinking is true according to me because we are more knowledgeable than any other creature on the earth. We have more advanced technology and means of production which helps us to sustain and survive through life. Humans play and vital role in nature because it in our hand to destroy it or conserve it. what we have in our hand is time and what we would do will be the future therefore always remember that we are the creator of our future we need to live a life in such a way that future is built up and then go to Extreme level by engaging with the natural factors to get satisfaction as butterfly and Rose did.

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