How to live in the World of Bliss?

Most of you would answer my question with a ‘No’ while some would say ‘Yes.’ Is being happy becoming tougher day by day? Are offices, families, responsibilities, etc. are getting heavier on your shoulders?

There is no denying that the ultimate purpose of all human activities is happiness, which he thrives for. Happiness is a goal that needs to be achieved. Let's figure out a few dimensions of how you can be happy and fulfill yourself with this beautiful feeling.

  1. Make your smile contagious: One of the simplest ways to head towards happiness is spreading happiness. Let your smile be contagious. Random smiles bring smiles to others' faces. Standing in a queue, smile at them! Adorn your and others' faces with the most beautiful curve of the world.
  2. Lift others: Helping others makes you grow. When you lift people, you learn too, and there lies a satisfaction of making someone capable of doing something. You become happy when you see them happy, and the reason is 'you.' Lifting others doesn't only help you grow but brings harmony all around.
  3. Explore: Exploration helps you comprehend innumerable things. Start exploring today! If you are a traveler, explore by going places newer and newer whenever you get an opportunity. If you enjoy solitude and love your own space, then the digital world helps. Learning and knowing never ends. The more you know, the more it seems lesser. There is a sea whose depth you are not aware of. The pleasure of unveiling something makes you feel happy. Don't you believe me? Just try this out!
  4. Do not Let go of tiny smiles: Happiness can be found in several things in our everyday lives. Right from having a good breakfast till shutting down your laptops, happiness can be stolen. Wasn't that paratha out of the world today? Wasn't that coffee with your colleague soothed your mind? Yes, you need to steal your happiness in this busy world. These tiny smiles are important. You will smile back during a flashback of such memories, which you create in simple ways.
  5. Be Grateful: Gratitude itself relieves your stress to a greater extent. When you develop this feeling, you find yourself happy from the very moment. You can be grateful for even a small thing you own. Be thankful for having a good meal, family, friends, colleagues, and the list goes on. You need to accept the laws of nature and learn to align with them. Once you understand that whatever is happening, that has to happen, then you need no extra strength to face the challenges of life. You need not use your energy to make things change as it has to be in vain. Instead, be grateful for whatever is happening. Practice gratitude from today and see the magic of your efforts.
  6. Adopt Minimalism: Minimalism refers to a lifestyle when a person minimizes one’s needs and avoids unnecessary expenses that are not required to live and only act as adornments to your life. This helps poor people sustain their lives with ease and brings a broad smile to their faces. And, you become a reason for someone’s happiness. Doesn’t that make you happy? Of course, it does! So, adopt this incredibly wonderful concept and make a change in your and someone else’s life.

Conclusion: We all are in the quest for happiness and try to find it in everything we do. There are innumerable distractions in the world and sources of sadness, pain, and suffering. To face each obstacle of life and retrieve happiness as a byproduct from every life experience seems difficult but not impossible.  This ultimate aim of human life is attainable, and the aforementioned learnings can surely land you in the world of happiness.

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