How to Limit the Spread of CoronaVirus?

According to WHO:

COVID-19 is a contagious disease caused by a freshly discovered virus commonly known as coronavirus.

In some cases, there is no requirement of special treatment, and the person recovers by isolating him or herself. But you must contact your doctor or medical emergency call centers to ensure which medicine you should take while having simple signs of this virus.

Older folks and people with underlying medical issues like heart disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory illness, and cancer are more vulnerable to this viral disease. If they infected with this, they would show insanity after somedays.

How to Limit the spread:

The best technique to limit and block transmission is to be well aware of this COVID-19 virus, the sickness it causes, and the way it spreads.

Shield yourself from infection by the following methods:

1: Wash your hands with soap frequently.

2: Use hand sanitizer, must be alcohol-based to stop further contamination with your body parts.

3: Rest and Sleep.

4: Drink a lot of water to hydrate yourselves.

5: Humidifiers in the room and warm showers provide you ease in sore throat and coughing problems.

6: You must wear face masks if there is any reported case in your area. Make sure not to wear more than 2days or 48hours.

7: One-metre distance from other persons.

8: You must stop touching your face, nose with your hands.

9: Stay away from the news. It will raise fear in you.

Sanitizer at Home:

You can make hand sanitizers at home:

Take 60-70ml alcohol (almost all of the hand sanitizers uses "isopropyl alcohol" with 99% purity)

use 30ml Aloe vera and some drops of essential oil or normal oil (e.g., Almond oil) to give the hand sanitizer pleasant smell.

Put these in 100ml bottle, use some drops on your hands, and stay healthy.

Remember one thing aloe will make your hands sticky so you can apply moisturizer or just increase the amount of oil in hand sanitizer.

hand sanitizer using

Any Vaccine?

There is still no vaccine for the cure of this virus. However, there are many experiments in-progress, clinical trials evaluating potential treatments. WHO will give the updated data as shortly as treatment conclusions available.

The COVID-19 virus affects different peoples in numerous forms.

Those that have underlying medical conditions and people over sixty years recently have the next risk of developing severe sickness and death.

Common signs:



dry cough/throat irritation

Other indications comprise of:

shortness of inhalation

pains and illness

painful throat/inflamed throat, and some peoples will also effect with diarrhea, vomiting, or a running nose (According to WHO).

symptoms of diseases

It is also undeniable in the picture wherever the virus affects the body of a person or what symptoms he/she will face after having this virus in the body. If you feel any condition or symptoms, you must isolate your self, contact the renowned doctor, and ask about how to handle or take care of yourselves as this virus is only spread by contact.

People with temperature, cough, or respiratory difficulties should consult with their doctor and get a medical inspection. Please stay at your homes with your loved ones and pray to Almighty to stop the spreading of this contagious disease and bless everyone with good health. Ameen!

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