How to learn quickly?

Learning, which never ends. Every person learns many things during their life journey from their birth to their end. But in this article, I have covered how to learn your subjects quickly and retain them for many months. 

How to learn faster?

There are lots of subjects. First of all, you need to understand that every subject needs a different method to learn.

I have divided the methods into four categories so that I can explain to you better which technique is suitable to learn a particular subject. So, don't get confused.

Read about each technique properly for better understanding. Let, me explain to you four categories which are understanding, memorization, languages, and application.

1. Understanding

At this point, I will explain to you how to learn those subjects which need a deep understanding of concepts? For example Physics, Thermodynamics, Economics, etc.


Feynman physicist imageYou can apply a trick name Feynman Technique. Richard Feynman was a Nobel Prize winner in Physics. He introduced this technique while he was studied at University.

How to apply?

1. Learn about the topic

First, you need to learn about the topic that you want to learn. You can use your resources to learn it. Also, take the help of Google for better understanding. You can also watch videos about it.

2. Write on black paper

After understanding the topic, you need to write the information of the topic in your language. Make key points of that topic. Without opening your books or any help.

3. Check mistakes

After finishing the writing, check the gaps, mistakes you do. Correct your mistakes and important is that make notes of your mistakes.

So, that after some time when you revise the topic then you check which mistakes you do while understanding it. This helps you to not do the same mistakes again and again.

4. Explain someone

This is the main point of the technique. This point checks your understanding of the topic. When your understanding of the topic is good then you can easily explain it to someone.

Understanding topic to someoneYou can also speak the whole topic loudly if not someone available. But remember, speak loudly not only in your mind.

This is scientifically proven that when a person speaks loudly about the topic than their understanding of such a topic increases.

2. Memorization

Now we understand, how to learn those subjects that contain lots of theory, facts, points, low concepts. For example Biology, Law, History, etc.

These are those subjects that need cramming. But as we know cramming of many students is weak because they majorly focus on concepts not to cram.


First of all, you need to understand some basics understanding about the brain. Our brain has some unique features. The brain retains majorly two types of things than texts.

First things that are emotionally attached. For example sadness, fear of horrible things, happiness. This way we are not able to forget horror movie stories that we have watched one or two years ago.

The second thing that opens up your multiple sense organs. For example, food that opens up your tongue and nose, touch something which opens up your skin, etc.

You can increase it by increasing your imagination. You can use 'Imagine Me' as a trick for memorization.

How to apply?

To apply 'Imagine Me' while you study a memorable subject. You need to recognize your subject theory to a place that you know very well.

For example, I study the digestive system of human beings. Then I need to imagine myself at the place of food. After it, I have to follow the same path in my imagination that I have read in the book. After doing that you easily learn the step-by-step process.

After that question arise how to learn the name that comes in the subjects. For that, you need practice and practice.

I suggest writing the name in your notebook, after remembering it for good retention. After somedays write that name again without revising and do it for each topic.

Another technique

Another technique that exists which I think you already know and already applying named Mnemonics. In this trick, you need to make a single sentence that includes all the key points of the topic.

For example, to learn the sequence-wise color in resistors, I used BBROY Great Britain Very Good, Wife. This technique is very popular, so I don't go into a deep understanding. 

Resistance codes

3. Language

This type of subject is very time-consuming to learn. You don't pass through the learning of 2 - 3 weeks. In language learning, you need to do practice and also requires to learn every day.

You can categorize language learning into reading, listening, writing, and speaking.

How to learn?

By reading and listening you can easily improve any language. Read the newspaper or books of such language you want to learn. 

Listen and understand is a very important part of language learning. For improving it you can watch movies or web series of such language.

Writing is another section. To improve your writing skill you need to improve your grammar. For this, you can choose any grammar building books or apps.

Speaking is the last part of language learning which needs a lot and a lot of practice. This is because sometimes a person gets nervous while talking in a different language ( another than their native language).

To improve it you can start talking to someone who has good knowledge of a particular language. There are lots of app or websites which provide this facility ( one by one talking ).

4. Application

In this section, we will understand how to improve the learning method of those subjects which have less theory but lots of problems? For example Mathematics, Accounting, etc.

How to learn?

These are those subjects that have lots of problems but less theory. Many people thought that Math is a subject that needs only practice. There is not much need for theory.

But, this is completely wrong, you are bad at math because your concepts are weak any concept's understanding starts from theory, not from practice problems. You need to read and understand it properly then after it, does varieties of problem.

You have not to do the same type of problems. It was only wasting of time. You have to practice, practice and practice to be good in application subjects.

Additional information

You have to apply all techniques in a good manner. You find lots of improvement in your learning habit. Only applying such techniques is not useful. You also have to focus and concentrate while the study.

Don't take break-in short time intervals because it breaks your momentum of your study. One interesting fact is mind takes an average of 20 to 25 minutes to focus when you start your study or after breaking your momentum.

Always study in calm and quiet places. When you start frustrating or you can't understand any topic properly them go for a walk outside or play some physical game outside so that sweat comes. This method reduces your frustration and helps in concentration. 

Never go to study after eating a heavy meal. You start yawning in just 10 to 15 minutes. So, please keep all these points in your mind for your good performance.

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