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The Frank Intro!

"Nowadays, earning money is way simpler than it was during the past few decades. You can earn money in a lot of different ways, such as through 'social media. Social Media, one of the major elements in the current generation is a platform where you can interact with people online, You can talk to different people, make new friends..."

That's not actually what I would say, it's just a typical opening. It is not even related to the freaking topic, Just a trick to increase the length of the article. Well, whatever. Now then, What I would say is:



The Real Intro!

"Hey there, wanna know how to increase your impressions on Instagram?" If you are thinking, what will happen if you increase your impressions? The answer is simple, the more the impressions more the views. Getting more views on Instagram is directly related to getting more impressions. So, Just stay put and read this article thoroughly, You will be a successful social influencer in no time.

Most people look for ways to increase their followers, which is just stupid. "Rather than asking for ways, you should try to find them yourself " - Shivam Gautam ( 2021 )

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That thought just came to my mind, well anyways what I was trying to say is that just read this article carefully and I will provide you with tips that will indirectly help you to grow on Instagram. So, Let's get started.



How Gain More Impressions?

Gaining Impressions is way simpler than gaining views. So, here are some tips through which you can increase your impressions.

1. Use Hashtags

How to Use hashtags

Using hashtags is the most basic and simple way to gain more impressions. Hashtags are the major factor that creates a difference in the number of impressions. For example, If we make a post without hashtags and a post with hashtags the major difference between them will be, the number of impressions. The post with hashtags will have way more impressions than the post with no hashtags.

Using hashtags is very simple, you just have to add a '#' sign and write something related to your post. For example, the post is about food and health, you will add hashtags related to that niche, like - "#food #healthyfood #healthandcare " and other stuff like that. You should add as many hashtags as possible. More hashtags more are the impressions. It's simple.

2. Post at a certain time 

How to check stats

Posting at a certain time just means that, you have to post your video/image at a time when people are most active on Instagram. I would suggest posting it between 9: 00 pm to 12: 00 am, or you can just google the time when more people are active. If more people are active when you post your video/picture then you will get the impressions faster. It is a trick to increase the speed of gaining impressions and views.

3. Tag a location

Tag Location

Tagging a location is also very important in its own way. If you have a business in an area and someone from that area is looking for something that is related to your business, tagging the location on your post will be really very helpful. I hope you understand what I am trying to say here.

4. Share the post on your story

Sharing the post on the story will help you gain more impressions as people mostly tend to watch only stories as it is very convenient. You can get more views on your story by promoting it ( only if you have enough money ).

5. Share your posts on other platforms 

Sharing the posts on different platforms will drastically increase the number of impressions on your post. For example Facebook and any website which permits commenting and posting like - Reddit, Quora, and many more. You can post your post on any other social platform. Just copy the link to your post and paste it wherever you want.




I hope these tips will help you somehow. Thank you for spending your time on my article.

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