How to increase immunity to fight corona?

Ever since the coronavirus has come, this immunity is being discussed a lot. So I also tried to know freedom, what is an immune system, and how can one increase their immunity potential. In this post, we will go into detail in the enclosure of immunity. What is the importance of protection, you can understand this situation in Italy? There has been such a situation in the world from Corona that the doctors and the government there are trying to save the same people, Whose immunity is good.

What is immunity?

We are surrounded by the disease every day because viruses circulate us, which we cannot see, and our body keeps fighting against this virus. This ability to fight the infection is what we call immunity. Immune systems are of two types; one is the innate immune system, and the other is the adaptive immune system. The natural immune system occurs at birth, but the adaptive immune system develops over time.

Put merely; immunity systems prevent pathogens such as bacteria and viruses from entering our bodies. If a pathogen breaks these barriers, the innate immune system provides an immediate, but non-specific response. If the pathogens innately escape the natural immune system, the vertebrates have a second layer of protection, the adaptive immune system activated by the innate immune system. Here, the pathogen fights this virus to improve the pathogen further. After the pathogen has been eliminated as immunological memory, this better response then persists and helps the adaptive immune system to face and accelerate and strengthen this pathogen each time. The immune system protects our bodies from viruses with a layered defense of increased specificity. The immune system has a high quality that the more it fights with viruses, it becomes more powerful.

Whereas newborns have no prior experience of fighting germs and due to which they are easily vulnerable to viruses. The mother provides several layers of passive protection. During pregnancy, a particular type of antibody, called IgG, is delivered directly from the mother to the baby via the placenta, so human infants also have high levels of antibodies at birth, including their mother's There are antigen specificities. [Breast milk or colostrum also contains antibodies that migrate to the baby's abdomen and protect against bacterial infection until the newborn can synthesize its antibodies, fighting this inactive immunity virus. Helps Because the embryo does not make any immunological memory or antibodies - it only borrows them. This passive immunity is usually short-lived, lasting from a few days to several months. Therefore, whenever the weather changes or conditions like coronavirus occur, children quickly come into contact with it and become ill.


To increase your immunity, you need to include some foods in your food that help to improve your protection. So I have brought here a list of the 14 best foods that you should eat regularly to increase your immune system a lot.

1. Garlic:

Garlic Is very beneficial for immunity Garlic is one of the ingredients used in every household. You pick up garlic in different forms, but raw garlic is beneficial for our immunity. Garlic has anti-bacterial properties and helps in strengthening your immune system. In our house, we see that garlic is used a lot in cold weather because our immunity decreases in cold weather.

2. Yogurt

Yogurt can boost your immune system: As long as the curd is not sour enough that we cannot eat it, it is suitable for your body. Yogurt helps keep your order fresh. Yogurt contains some bacteria which, when consumed by us, help our body produce germs. Thus, yogurt helps to improve our immune system.

3. Oats and Barley:

Everyone runs after their mothers; they are inadvertently fed food on the pretext that it will help them grow stronger. Well, they were not claimed on false grounds. Food products such as oats and barley boost your immune system. They can also make for better taste, with better cuisine. So, change your breakfast habits from breakfast or a quick bagel to oats and barley!

4. Green Tea:

Regular intake of green tea improves your immune system. Here is a solution for how to boost your immune system using green tea. Green tea (without sugar) helps to cleanse your body from within. It flushes out all the unwanted toxins and purifies your insects by killing harmful bacteria and germs. Thus, regular intake of green tea attempts to improve your immune system. Apart from this, green tea also helps to improve your skin and make you better in general.

5. Mushroom:

Mushrooms are incredibly beneficial for our immune system Mushrooms are suitable for our white blood cells (W.B.C). As you know, white blood cells are the primary element of our immune system. Therefore, mushrooms are incredibly beneficial for our immune system.

6. Sweet potato

Sweet -potato is a significant source of immunity. Sweet potato is rich in beta-carotene, which makes it a rich source of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for healthy skin, and healthy skin helps to boost our immune system to protect our body from germ borne disease. Also, sweet potatoes are delicious.

7. Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is a significant source of immunity. Citrus fruits are substantial sources of vitamin C and should be made an integral part of your diet. Vitamin C helps in the better functioning of white blood cells and helps in the production of different types of antibodies. Therefore, one should not ignore foods rich in citric acid when planning their daily diet.

8. Linseed seeds and linseed oil Flaxseed oil is rich in omega fatty acids. By taking flax oil, children get rid of respiratory and other types of diseases. Taking Flaxseeds regularly can boost your immune system.

9. Honey:

Honey is a significant source of immunity Honey is a natural remedy, nature's agent for curing minor problems and omissions. Baby is often a recommended diet during sick days, possibly mixed with some water and some lemon squeeze. Honey is known for its sweetness; it is nature's sweetness. However, this is not the only reason why we recommend honey as a treatment for low immunity. When it comes to baby, it is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, which eliminates all the possible bacteria that produce germs in your body. Its anti-inflammatory properties can cure minor rashes and heat burns while also soothing your system.

10. Ginger:

Ginger is used as a medicine during colds and flu. Ginger is an excellent spice in itself, which adds a lot of energy to your body. Ginger is often used as a medicine during us, and your colds and flu, ginger tea, is used for a sore throat is addicted to swelling and redness due to inflammation. This is when its anti-inflammatory properties calm the muscles and relax the inflamed area. Also, Ginger helps build immunity for the body even when ill, so that rapid recovery is ensured.

11. Greens:

Green Vegetable is beneficial for the body and helps you in building immunity. When we talk about lawns, we are usually on the lines of vegetables, where the old saying of nutritious food helps to make you healthy. Greens with the help of leafy vegetables such as greens, lettuce, cabbage, and even colored beets, carrots, and beans. In this context, we should also mention herbs, parsley, rosemary, and such things, which are very useful for your body and help you build immunity. It is one of the best foods to improve the immune system.

12. Giloy:

Giloy is a type of herb whose botanical name is Tinospora curdifolia. Different names in different languages call it, but some people call it Amrit Vali. Giloy is the best beneficiary for an immunity system. It is useful in many diseases. Very few people know in its enclosure. You can buy it from Patanjali's store, or you can also buy it online. It is found as a tablet in the Patanjali store.

What is the big deal, it has no side effects. Anyone can use any person from 1-year-old to 90 years old. You can use it even if you are suffering from some disease.

Immunity is the body's natural defense system that should always be healthy, especially when diseases are roaming around us like enemies. From roads to homes, conditions can be seen at every hour, terrorizing the world's population. And this time a body with high immunity is much more useful than a healthy body, not only for you but also for this earth. How did you like this post? Do give your thoughts. And if you feel the need, share it too.

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