How to hide your category Label on Instagram Page?

Did you know that you can hide certain information on your Instagram business or creator account? After the new update, business owners or creators can hide or display their "category label" from their profile ("Defence Company" is an example of category label). Also, you can hide or show your contact details with the same process.

Like other social media apps, Instagram also had a growth of active users during this COVID-19 pandemic. Instagram rolling out many updates this year, such as Instagram reel, notes, and many options to the creator & business pages, etc. This article will guide you to toggle the show/hide option for category label on Instagram business or creator account.

Note: All the screenshots present in this post are taken using an android device.

4 Steps Guide to Toggle Category Label on Instagram Page

The process of hiding or showing the category label on your Instagram business or creator page is simple and easy. You don't have to be an expert to do so. Please follow the below four-step guide for hiding the category label.

1. Go to Edit Profile under the profile tab

Log in to your Instagram app using your credentials. Click on the profile tab in the bottom right corner. Under the profile tab, click on the "edit profile" button, as shown in the below screenshot.


Instagram business profile


2. Profile display under public business information

After clicking the "edit profile" button, scroll to the "public business information" section. Under this section click on "profile display".


Instagram business profile settings


3. Toggle the display category label right to display category label

As you click on the "profile display" link, you will see a toggle button to hide/show "category label" on your Instagram business or creator profile page. Turn off the button to hide the "category label" on your profile.

After switching the button, please click on the done link in the right upper corner to save the change.


category label hiding option instagram business


4. Toggle the display category label left to hide category label

If you want to showcase your category label on your profile, then make sure that the "category label" toggle button remains on or to the right.

After switching the button, please click on the done link in the right upper corner to save the changes.


category label showing option instagram business


Suggestions from Author

It's easy to toggle the "category label" on an Instagram page (either business or creator). I don't recommend you to hide or show your category information on the page. I suggest that if the category label is there on your profile, then the viewer will get an overview of the content you will provide to them.

Some of the categories you want to list your business in or don't know the broad category of your business, then you can hide the category label. If you have any privacy issues, then you can also hide the category label.


I hide the category label on my Instagram business page. It was my choice of not showing the category label this time because I want to target all types of audiences, not a specific group. If you want to show/hide your category label from your profile, then it's all up to your choice.

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