How to grow your instagram page fast and gain followers(100% works)

This article will basically give you all the hidden tips and tricks that will help you gain alot of followers on your business page on Instagram and without any further ado, let's get into it

5 Tips to gain followers on Instagram :


Though this may be a very popular and well-known trick it doesn't work unless you use it correctly cause if you think "oh this hashtag is trending right now if I put this under my post it will definitely reach more people hence ill gain more followers " but NO! this may reach more people but you won't get any follows from it cause for example  if you're an art acc and use a trending makeup hashtag people will just ignore it because why would someone searching for makeup, follow an art acc (its common sense)instead use the hashtags that are trending in your line of work that way your target audience will see your work whether it be art/photography/fashion/makeup, etc and they will probably follow you for it 


So seeing this you may think "why the hell would I give free things to strangers, I want people to pay for them not give em out for free" but believe me when i say this, giving out pr packages to well-known influencers on Instagram will give your page so much exposure and many clients will come your way because when an influencer who already has a decent amount of followers reviews your product there is bound to be people who will come to your page.  In fact, there is a 90% chance that you will get clients and if you ask me thats quite a high chance.


yep now you may be thinking "is this person out of her mind, first, she is asking me to give out free things through pr packages and now through giveaways. Helloooo not running a charity here " but you may not believe me but this is THE most effective way to gain followers because who doesn't like getting free things when all they gotta do to get them is follow a few rules like following a page and tagging a few friends and come on let's be real we all have joined a giveaway atleast once in our life no matter how big or small. Ive seen thousands of pages gain hundreds or even thousands(i swear i'm not lying)of followers in a DAY!!! by doing giveaways. 

4: Collab with other pages:

You're definitely gonna thank me later for this one and I'm only gonna say this once so you better hear me loud and clear COLLAB yes you heard or well-read me right, a collab with other pages like you .for example if you are a makeup page, a collab with other makeup pages in giving out giveaways cause more things so more people will want to win them and your post will spread more hence, more poeple=more followers or if you are an art account collab with another artist in hosting art contests (ill make another article on how to host an art contest in the most effective way soon) or just collaborate to make an art piece but both post on your own respective pages that way if their followers like your work they'll follow you and vice versa so it's a win-win situation for you and the collaborator


yep believe it or not this is a real game-changer. Dont be shy ask pages like yours for shoutouts. This will help you gain exposure and we all know more exposure means more people see it and when more people see your posts more people will follow hence more clients and more clients mean more moneyyyy$$$. You can even do S4S( shoutouts for shoutout) meaning you give them a shoutout and in exchange, they give you a shoutout 

If you like this article and it helped you please do recommend others this too. Happy gaining ❤️

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