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Hey there, in this article I will be providing you with some tips through which you can get rid of those ugly spots on your face caused by pimples. These Pimples are annoying like hell, I hope you can relate because that's the reason why you are here after all. I was around 15 I guess when I had my first pimple, but at that time it didn't bother me. I thought this is will just go in 1 or 2 weeks, but damn who would have thought that, the damn pimple will stay with me for 2 years, and guess what there was his entire clan with him. I was like, What the hell dude. That time I was careless which caused my face to go from average to below average. That time was freaking depressing. Well, whatever that was my side of the story. Now let's Get to the main stuff.



What are Pimples?

Pimples cannot be defined as a specific spot. It is rather a damaged inflammation of Blackheads and whiteheads. The Majority of pimples occur during Puberty but they can also occur at any age. Pimples basically look like swollen red skin but on a small scale.

Specific explanation - Pimple - Wikipedia

You can also see the in the image given below :

Facial Pimples



What Causes Pimples?

When Oil glands ( Sebaceous glands ) present in the skin become clogged or infected they give rise to swollen red lesions called pimples. These pimples are filled with pus, most likely the sebum secreted by the oil glands ( Sebaceous glands ). Pimples mostly occur on the face, shoulder, and back because the oil glands present in the skin are highly concentrated in these areas as compared to the other areas on the body. When a person reaches puberty, there are a lot of changes in the body. Such as hormonal changes. During the adolescence period of puberty, a large number of hormonal changes occur in the body. These hormonal changes make the sebaceous glands overactive which causes them to secrete a larger amount of sebum which leads to the occurrence of pimples. It is the major reason why most Pimples occur in Puberty or teenagers. When Pimples get healed they leave scars on the spot where they were present.



Types of Pimples


Also known as a closed comedo, these are small pimples that remain under the skin. They appear as a small, flesh-colored papule.


Also known as an open comedo, these are clearly visible on the surface of the skin. They are black or dark brown, due to the oxidation of melanin, the skin’s pigment. Some people mistakenly believe they are caused by dirt, because of their color, and scrub their faces vigorously. Scrubbing does not help. It may irritate the skin and cause other problems.


These are small, solid, rounded bumps that rise from the skin. They are often pink. Pustules: These are pimples full of pus. They are clearly visible on the surface of the skin. The base is red and the pus is on the top.


These have a similar structure to papules, but they are larger. They can be painful and are embedded deep in the skin.


These are clearly visible on the surface of the skin. They are filled with pus and are usually painful. Cysts commonly cause scars.



How to Get Rid of Pimples?

Don't Touch your Face

Touching your face is strictly prohibited, as it is one of the major reasons that cause the spread of pimples. Touching your face causes the transport of the bacterias or dirt to the other parts of your face which results in the spread of pimples. This is a simple explanation as to why you should not touch your face.

Drink lots of water

Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to prevent pimples from occurring. The waste products in our bodies are quite harmful in many ways. If the waste products are not excreted, it affects your skin, which increases pimples. To prevent that from happening, water is necessary for the excretion of various waste products from the body. These waste products need to be excreted for the proper functioning of the body. So, Drink a lot of water ...

Use Ayurvedic Remedies

Ayurvedic remedies are the best remedies that help prevent pimples, these remedies may take some time to show their effect but they are really effective. You have to show some patience if you are going for this method.

Don't Pluck/pop your Pimples

This is just a waste of time, popping your pimples will just increase the number of pimples. I know it is tempting, but you have to keep your calm. Popping pimples may increase the inflammation and clogging of the surrounding pores.

Don't Take the stress

When you are under stress, your body produces more oil pigments. I don't know for sure but, it was proven in American research. To reduce the amount of stress, do some yoga and meditation. These will help you reduce your stress.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Moisturizing your skin is an external way to keep your skin hydrated. So, keep your skin moisturized.

Wash Your Face Twice a day

Washing your face removes the dirt present on the face. Dirt is a major source of infection causing bacterias that cause pimples. So, washing your face twice a day is important to reduce pimples.

Lessen the amount of Makeup You Use

If you use any makeup, you might as well know that the products used for makeup consist of various types of chemicals. Sometimes these chemicals act as a trigger that causes pimples.

Lessen the Exposure of Skin to Sun

Longtime exposure to the sun dehydrates your skin, which is not a good thing. So, limit the exposure of your skin to the sun.

Take care of your Diet

Eating Junk food causes an increase in acne. So, avoid junk food and follow a proper diet plan. Taking a Balanced diet is also enough to prevent pimples. Taking a proper diet will not reduce the number of pimples but it will just help you to control the number of pimples.

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