How to get popular on social media.


          How to get popular on social media?

                                                                                                     : by Sudhanshu Meshram


Nowadays social media has become an important aspect of everyone's life. We wake up daily and the first thing we do is check our social media. We are very curious about how many likes we must’ve got? Has anyone messaged me? All sorts of things give us very much pleasure. So we were often disappointed when we posted some pictures and did not get any likes. Why does this happen? Creating a large base of your social media is quite interesting and easy. Do you just have to get an idea about how its mechanics works? What are the root problems which are causing the demolition of your follower base?



So now 4 factors we have to focus more on which are,




1. Low attractiveness in your profile.

2. Your content is very dull.

3. Your content is not reaching up to your audience.

4. Not in regular contact with your followers.



let's have a look at all of them one by one,


➔Low attractiveness in your profile.

Why do you have low attractiveness in your profile? Now it will have various reasons, let's discuss them all one by one first. Anime/cartoon profile pic. Generally, according to the fake account detection system, these criteria are used in platforms like FB and Instagram. It automatically assumes that this is a fake account and does not allow much reach in the news feed. Now, this aspect is of the system, but when it comes to the overlook of your profile, it appears childish/immature. So people who want to connect with you will think of this twice. So what will be the solution you already know. Upload a real profile pic doesn't matter how attractive you look. Just put a decent profile picture of you on the wall. And for the teenage girls, the pout face is not at all cute, stop doing that in your DP's. This must be a crucial point that why your profile is not decent enough. Now comes the bio, people write so silly things that it injects a cringe in the person looking at your profile. They will write something like “Cake murder on 23 October” “ landed on earth on 23 October” it shows how mentally immature you are. Nobody cares what is your birthday and on what day you landed earth. Never put your birthdays on your bio. I repeat it. What to write in bio:- You can write about your achievements till now, for ex- district level bronze medal in swimming, gold medal in archery 2019. You can write about your interests such as photography, politics, sports, writing, etc. Don't put on emojis everywhere in bio 1-2 will be fine. You can write about your current situation, which course you are completing is bachelor's, MBA, BA, etc.



➜ how to improve your content. 

Now have an idea about how your posts are? What is its genre? if you are interested in showing memes. Stick to the content don't change or post extremely different content such as music videos, food-related posts. You can post related content such as memes you can post recent news articles. Just sticking with your genre is what I am going to suggest here. If you like your followers and popularity so much, don't post any religious post which triggers some groups of individuals you will lose all of your followers. In my case, I posted against the government for a long duration in which I lost nearly 300 followers and 120 of them were my good friends. Never post content that hurt’s someone’s sentiments. Love to respect each religion and respect every individual and their commodities. Now talking about the content. It should be relevant and nice to the eyes. Post and caption in such a way that it relaxes one’s mind. And if your post successfully refreshed one’s individual 101% sure he will like it, and see your other posts also. So make sure you apply these mechanics before you go on to the next step.



➔How to reach your audience? 


Let's talk about the third factor here, it often happens that in the beginning days you were getting enough reach, and likes. But later it suddenly decreased. The same thing happened to me too. Previously I used to get 100+ likes on every post and 150+ story views. But gradually it decreased to that extent that now I hardly get 1-2 likes. Why so much of the audience vanished? And how to get that back. Now let's talk about Facebook and Instagram first, some time must have passed when you posted 0 content on your profile for some time duration. This triggers the FB algorithm and it initially gives you a lite shadow ban. Shadowban means your post and photos will not be visible to your friends and followers. The photos and posts will be only visible if they visit your profile. But not visible in their news feed. Recently this particular thing happened with well-known YouTuber “pewdiepie” where he got shadowbanned from youtube. Now here comes the solution, What you have to do is very simple, upload regular stories in the morning for about a week. And post regular pictures or updates of you (2 post’s a day) in the evening and the nighttime. The reason I chose the timing is because of the high activeness of users at that time period. Now following this your content will be reached among the audience. And make sure you follow every bit of instruction which I portrayed. Don't skip any of these. They are purely linked with one another.




Improving regular contact with your follower

Now, this is the showdown, how would you make regular contact? Now I am not talking about only talking with them over social media platforms. But in real life too, it often happens that you lose contact with your old friends which now only became a part of your friend list. You never have a small chat with them, never hang out with those guys who were like brothers in some generation. Along with the online influence, offline socialization is also important. Having a small chat with your current classmates, teachers, elders of your society. This socialization is very much essential than all the above factors which I told. Now if you completed this aspect the same people will follow you on all social media platforms, being nice to everyone and appreciating them is a kind of skill that everyone needs.

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